Getting around to the Java conferences

Next week is the very popular Javapolis conference, held at the MetroPolis movie theaters business center in Antwerp, Belgium. The sold-out conference is probably the most popular Java conference in Europe, certainly the most buzz-worthy, with many of our own bloggers and project leaders among the 3,200 attendees.

If you take a look at our events list, you'll see that Javapolis and a few other conferences next week (notably The Spring Experience) are the last gasp before the conferences take a breather for the winter holidays. Starting in January, of course, we're right back into the thick of it, with CodeMash 2008, Sun Tech Day - Atlanta, and the inaugural Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. I'll be at the latter two, so come by and say hi.

Returning our focus to the present, several of our Weblogs are about plans for next week's Javapolis. Fabrizio