Javapolis '07 opens

It's mid-morning here in Atlanta, so accounting for a six hour time difference between here and Antwerp, it's late afternoon on the first day of the Javapolis '07 conference. The scheduleshows today as being for BoFs, Quickies, and the Javapolis University, and looking at the university topic list, it looks like attendees are in for a deep dive to start the week, even if the conferencecontent, per se, doesn't even start until Wednesday.

As we do for JavaOne, Javapolis has flipped their front page into a densely-packed view of blogs from and about the conference, on the sure bet that attendees will be best able to cover all that's going on there. You'll notice several webloggers among the blogging attendees, including Jean-Francois Arcand, Fabrizio Guidici, and Sean Mullan.

We'll keep an eye out for interesting developments at the conference... after all, Joshua Marinacci did promise " a secret open source project that none of you have been expecting", and I have it on good authority (like, an IM from Josh two windows over) that this will be announced at Javapolis later this week.

We have one more bit of Javapolis-related news in the Java Today section: the JUG Community is meeting up for a Java User Groups BOF at JavaPolis 2007, Thursday, December 13th, 7.30-8.30 pm. Notable attendees/speakers include: Fabrizio ( JUG Community Leader), Stephan Janssen (Belgian JUG), Paris Apostolopoulos (Hellenic Greek JUG), Klaasjan Tukker (Dutch NL JUG), Bruno Bossola (JUG Torino), Van Riper (Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG), Michael Hüttermann (JUGC, JUG Community Leader), Radoslaw Holewa (Polish JUG), Christophe Jollivet and Eric Siber from, Aaron Houston (Program Coordinator) from Sun Microsystems, and many many many others.

Interview with Ludovic Champenois about GlassFish Tooling is the latest installment of the GlassFish podcast. In it, Ludo "discusses the general developer experience with GlassFish as well as with IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse. We go into the save/reload paradigm for web and Ajax apps (using jMaki for instance), incremental deployment possibilities, value and role of IDEs for Java EE 5, best OS for developers, and more."

A new edition, issue 150, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, starting off with a link to the CommunityOne Call for Participation, summarizing tool-related news from around the web, welcoming a new project to the community, and offering a ToolTip on how to participate in the Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program.

Starting off today's Weblogs, Fabrizio