The last few bits from JavaPolis

JavaPolis is done for another year, and attendees are again blogging about how great it was. Consider Fabrizio Giudici's warning that JavaPolis' coolness has exceeded its facility's capacity:

Guys, JavaPolis is better and better each year. Remember: this year it was sold out and you can bet it will be next year: Stephan told us clearly that changing the venue for a larger one isn't an option (he's right, having large screens and cinema setup is cool). So remember to buy your ticket early.

Wow, so awesome that demand exceeds supply. Verily the Nintendo Wii of Java conferences. Congrats to all involved.

Now let's look at some of the news coming out of JavaPolis. We had announcements last week, like the PDF renderer project. But sometimes, attendees make the news, as is the case with a report back from the JavaPolis whiteboards. To wit, Stephen Colebourne reports on the results of informal whiteboard balloting from JavaPolis in Voting on Java 7 language changes. "This year at JavaPolis, I again looked after the whiteboards. In this post, I'll discuss theresults. The whiteboardsplay an important part at Javapolis in bringing people together to discuss ideas and future trends. This year, I chose to focus the whiteboard debate around a number of specific topics. This was achieved by having votes on 10 language changes proposals, plus areas for new ideas for Spring, JSF, JavaEE and JavaSE. I'm going to discuss the language change votes here."

So what won and what lost? If you want improved generics, aswitch that takes Strings, or the fabled "multi-catch", then the results should make you happy. Type aliasing and extension methods... not so much. Now let's see if this informal JavaPolis poll has any bearing on how Java 7 plays out.

Also in Java Today, JavaFX Mobile was another prominent topic at JavaPolis, as James Weaver discusses in JavaFX Mobile Addressed in JavaPolis 2007 Keynotes: " James Gosling addressed JavaFX Mobile in his keynote entitled The State of the Java Universe, and Tim Cramer (Sun's Executive Director of Consumer Solutions) gave a keynote address entitledJava in the Client, in which he spent some of the time talking about JavaFX Mobile.  Here are some of the JavaFX Mobile-related points that they discussed, with the help of Sun Java "Evangelist" Angela Caicedo."

Mark Reinhold has announced the approval of the OpenJDK Community's JDK 7 Project. "The primary goal of this project is to produce an open-source implementation of the next major revision of the Java SE Platform. Initially this project will just host the JDK 7 Mercurial repositories. Over time, as more of the JDK development process moves out into the open, additional information such as integration and build schedules, milestone definitions and dates, and development tasks and status will be made available. Proposals for specific features will also be welcome."

I cited Fabrizio