Wrapping up for the holidays

With the 2007 holidays here, it's time to put the front page to sleep for a week while most of us are away for the holidays. Don't worry: projects, forums, wikis, source-control, weblogs and the rest of the infrastructure will stay up and running. But with O'Reilly off for a week and Sun gone for two, we're going to post a single updated front page today and keep that around until we return on January 2, 2008.

As the year wraps up, I want to thank our group at O'Reilly for their work supporting the community and the feature articles, notably Sarah Kim, Jennifer Palm-Ensign, Rachel Thurow, Greg Dickerson, and our boss, Nancy Abila. Over at Collabnet, Jim Wright has been the Community Manager for java.net for the last year, with Andrew Kelly now taking over that role. I also want to thank a number of Collab's support people, notably Padma Ramanujam and Mathangi Sathyanarayanan, the latter of whom I can always count on to delete blog-spammer accounts quickly (yes, e-mail me or anyone else on the Infrastructure Team if you get spammed; we try to delete spammer accounts quickly to stem the damage). Over at Sun, Marla Parker helps keep the communities hopping, with help from Gary Thompson and Sonya Barry. Thanks to all, and if I've forgotten someone, e-mail or IM me so I can edit this blog to include them.

While we're away, I thought it might make sense to use the Java Today space to point out a number of useful resources that, while they're all part of the ubiquitous left nav, are sometimes overlooked by many java.net users. If you're looking for colleagues who share your interests, for help with your project, or for a job or an employee, then these are resources you'll want to check out often.

The help wanted section of java.net is both for developers looking for an interesting project to work on and for those involved in a java.net project who are looking for someone to fill a particular need. Listings are restricted to volunteer openings for non-commercial projects. Project listings remain live for 30 days, or until closed by the project owner, whichever comes first.

The java.net Jobs Wiki are where you should go to post or look for available jobs, and where you should go to post or look for resumes. The JobPostingspage offers a place for employers to post available positions, while the ResumePostingspage is where you can post your resume to have it seen by potential employers. The pages are viewable by anyone, but to post a job or resume, you need to be a java.net member.

Have you created or updated your people page? The People Wiki is a place where people can tell the community a little about themselves. Whether you are looking for help with your project or just someone with similar interests to spark a Java discussion, the People Wiki is the right place to introduce yourself to the community. Simply start your own page, or use the search function to find whom your looking for.

In today's Weblogs, Joshua