A milestone for Java 6 Update 10 Downloads

Question for you: how many times do you suppose Java 6 Update 10 has been downloaded? Think about it: it's a work-in-progress, so it's presumably still appropriate only for developers. And its focus is on desktop functionality -- a new browser plug-in, the Java Kernel, startup time improvements -- so it might not be that big a deal for the server-side majority of Java programmers.

So, how many times do you think it's been downloaded? 50,000? 100,000? Quarter million?

Try a cool million downloads. At least.

The details are in today's Forums, in the post 6u10 hits 1,000,000+ downloads by rogerl. "With today's report, by my count, 6u10 JRE and JDK have had over 1M combined downloads. We are pretty happy, and proud, about that. This number includes all the Online and Offline installs of the JRE and JDK. Each week there are still some downloads of 'older' builds that I have chose to ignore, in order to keep things 'simple'. Also, we only really started to keep track of the downloads in March, the first builds of 6u10 were released in September: https://jdk6.dev.java.net/6u10ea.html, so the overall download number may actually be a bit higher, but we will go with what we have."

Does this mean there are more desktop Java developers than we thought? Or are end-users already trying out the new plugin? Or is it something else entirely? At any rate, it's a very encouraging sign that the interest in 6u10 is so great, and that the feedback is so positive.

Also in the Forums,terrencebarr addresses app-signing hassles for ME inRe: Permissions, certificates, and devices' questions. "But I agree, the Java Verified cost model is not ideal - however, you may want to check with them as I believe there are making changes to the program. How do we get this fixed? The problem is that what is happening in this space is that some (not all) device manufacturers and operators are using security mechanism to impose business models on developers. So it's a business problem, not a technical issue. And these are harder to solve - especially in a consistent manner across the industry. As Shawn mentions there is the idea of a non-profit Developer Alliance that could create some pressure on the industry to address some of these problems."

Harold Carr handles a question about Metro and a timeline for documentation in Re: wsit transaction implementation documentation. "Metro implements the submission version of the WS-AT/Coord specifications. .NET 3.0 implements those same versions. .NET 3.5 implements both the standard and the submission versions. In other words, when you want to interop between Metro and .NET, be sure to configure .NET to use submission. Yes, we are planning to start moving our design documents so they are publically available. However, right now we are busy with our 1.3 release (late July - the one that will interop with .NET 3.5) so the design doc push will probably happen in August."

In Java Today, David Dagastine reports that the JDK 6 Update 6 Performance Release is here. "I'm please to announce the release of JDK 6 Update 6 Performance Release on SPARC platforms. This is the latest of our performance releases and is the culmination of our optimization efforts over the last year. With this JDK Sun achieved many world records on SPECjappserver2004, SPECweb2005, SPECjbb2005, and the first ever SPECjvm2008 submission. Please try it for yourself, download it athttp://java.sun.com/performance."

NetBeans.org has announced the immediate availability of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1, now available for download. This stabilized development build contains many new & noteworthy features in the following areas: PHP, improved support for Web Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JSF CRUD Generator, JPA), Ajax, Ruby, Groovy, Java, debugger, database, mobility, GUI Builder, web Services, and improvements to XML and schema tools. Get more details about these features and additional New and Noteworthy Features available in the release. The final NetBeans IDE 6.5 release is planned for Fall 2008.

The Sprint Instinct Java Developer Contest will open soon to consumer and business applications optimized for the new Samsung Instinct and has a $20K grand prize. Join us for a webcast on Wednesday, July 9 to learn more about this great device, development tools and the contest. For more information about the upcoming webcast, click on the registration link.

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