Reading between the lines of a brief mailing list note

Kirill Grouchnikov's Swing links of the weekpost notes an apparent leadership change in the Swing Application Framework project. "A message from Richard Bair on the mailing list of AppFramework (reference implementation of JSR 296) announces that Alex Potochkin has taken over the ownership of this project."

The project was founded by Hans Muller, who left Sun in May. I wasn't sure whether to give this front-page billing, since Richard's e-mail only has one new paragraph:

Danny Coward is not the spec lead for JSR 296, rather it is Alex Potochkin. He might be on vacation (it is that time of year).

Now that's obviously not the kind of substantial status update one might have hoped for, particularly when you consider, as Kirill notes, that the project hasn't had any source commits since October, 2007. But given the importance of the project and the number of people who would like to see some best practices established around Swing application life-cycles -- the typical real-world Swing application still launches from public static void main() and builds its GUI in the app's main thread rather than the AWT event-dispatch thread -- unearthing any nuggets that the project and the JSR are still viable is important news.

Also in Java Today, Java ME user interfaces are about to get an exciting boost with the early release of a new library and tool from Sun called the Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT). In the DevX article Java ME User Interfaces: Do It with LWUIT, Jim White looks at the problems the LWUIT is meant to solve and the environments in which it runs, demos a simple LWUIT application, and digs into LWUIT's significant features.

"Among developers, there's a behavior that is more damaging than guessing. Because we're trained to look at code, when something goes wrong, we look at code. And no matter how good our code is, we can always find something wrong or ugly that's begging to be fixed." But, according to performance expert Kirk Pepperdine, it's foolhardy and counter-productive to jump into code without profiling, and without looking at the context the code is operating in. In the SDN interview Java Performance Tuning: A Conversation With Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine, he shares more of his experiences and insights.

Today's Weblogsbegin with the update JRuby 1.1.3 released - Getting Started with GlassFish from Arun Gupta. "JRuby 1.1.3 was released last week - download here. The highlights are: * 82 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1.2, * RubyGem 1.2 (phew, finally Gem installation is much faster again :), * Bunch of Compatibility and Performance problems. Going forward, JRuby point releases will be on a 3-4 week frequency. And you can always checkout the trunk and build yourself."

In A bit off-topic: "We're Not *Resources*", Terrence Barr writes, "this is a bit off-topic but it struck a chord with me. Mark Turansky posted an article on JavaLobby a few days ago which analyses the thinking that creeps into the planning process when you term software developers as "resources"..."

Scott Schram posts a warning in Why are Getty Images and Flickr teaming up? It may cost you."If any of the images (or portions of images) on your site are licensed to Getty Images, it may cost you thousands of dollars. And soon thousands of Flickr images will be licensed to Getty Images."

In today's Forums,macintyrei hopes for a less garish unsigned applet warning in Re: 6u10-b27 Flashing green border with dialogs. "Our (unsigned) applets use a lot of modal dialogs. The general consensus within our company (and our customers that have seen it) is that the new look is terrible. The warning icon next to the close symbol is fine, but the flashing green border really detracts from the look of the application - it looks like some VB for MSDOS application."

lndeveloper would like to Pass events through the layers of a JLayeredPane. "I am using java/swing. Inside a JLayeredPane I have put various objects at various layers. As a result mouseclick events are caught only by the actionlisteners of the top level objects. I want to further "forward" these events to the underlying layer objects. So the top-level objects handle the event first, and then "somehow" the event is forwarded to the next underlying level."

Apparently not up to speed on the state of Java media support,asterfr would like some guidance on Getting started with videos playing. "I'm trying to play media file and I feel a bit disapointed : I've success only with .wav file... No way to play any MP3, H264, XVid .. Can someone explain how to did it ? If it is possible of course."

terrencebarr explains the ME community's communication strategy in Re: IRC Channel for phoneME development. "We discussed it a bit. The feeling was that and IRC channel for regular communication is not ideal because a) it requires someone to monitor it all the time which distracts from other things and b) it fragments the communication channels (right now the forums/email aliases is where it all happens). So I think we should stick with the forums/email aliases for now. But we should keep IRC in mind for specific real-time events like Q&A sessions."

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Reading between the lines of a brief mailing list note