The Java Road Trip: Code to Coast is something we haven't seen before. A "Java Bus" will be traveling to 20 cities across the United States:

Heading up the tour are key Java technologists from Oracle, who will be demonstrating the latest Java software, engaging with Java User Group (JUG) members, and meeting with enterprise developers and consumers. 

Justin Kestelyn of the Oracle Technology Network elaborates:

What is the Java Road Trip? Basically, we have packed a rock-star bus with demos (Java FX, Oracle ADF, Java EE 6, JDK 7, GlassFish, Java ME) and are putting it on the road; it will make 20 stops across the U.S. in the next couple of months (and MAY may make a special appearance at JavaOne, if we can find a big enough parking space). In many cases these stops will coincide with Java or Oracle user group meet-ups and will always involve beer, food, and free stuff. Furthermore, engineers from HQ will be flying out at various times to rendezvous with these meet-ups and answer your questions.

The trip starts in New York on Monday, June 14, and ends in Santa Clara, CA on August 18. I plan to visit the bus when it's in Burlington, MA on June 24.

You can follow the bus on Twitter by searching for the javaroadtriptag.

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-- Kevin Farnham
Twitter: @kevin_farnham