I received an email a few days ago about this year's Open Source Convention (OSCON), and was surprised to see some new additions to this year's conference: theOSCON Data and OSCON Javaco-conferences!

I only attended OSCON once -- back in 2008 when, working with O'Reilly and Intel, I participated as editor/blogger for the new ThreadingBuildingBlocksopen source project -- but even based on that one experience, I can say that OSCON is a great developer-centric conference. I expect that OSCON Java will have much the same feel.

The conference takes place in Portland, OR (US), from Monday to Wednesday, July 25-27. OSCON Java and OSCON Data will be co-located with the broader OSCON conference. The Call for Participation is happening right now. In fact, the deadline is looming (March 21 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daily Time).

The conference will include 40-minute presentations and 90-minute workshops. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Server-side Java technologies
  • Java web frameworks
  • Emerging JVM languages
  • Open source Java tools
  • Rich client technologies
  • Cloud technologies
  • Mobile development

If you'd like to present, submit a proposal within the next week. Proposers will be notified on whether their proposals have been accepted by early April.

java.net Weblogs

Since my last blog post, Cay Horstmann published a new java.net blog titled A Blog Uploading Tool for java.net:

In this blog, I address my grief with blog uploading, following Paul Graham's advice about choosing technology. Someone just complained on the java.net bloggers list about the wretched online blogging tool. Indeed, I couldn't imagine actually authoring in that thing. Instead, I paste in my HTML code, upload the images, and curse when I have to adjust the image URLs. Clearly, this is...

[Ed. Note: the java.net infrastructure team is working on repairing/enhancing the java.net blogging facility, which took some hits in the aftermath of our recent site upgrade/migration. I'm really hopeful that things will be working much better before long!]

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