The Java SE 7 Developer Preview Release came out a few weeks ago. The development team was hopeful that people would download and test the release on their favorite apps, and try out some of the new features. Our current poll asks if you chose to do so.

Specifically, the poll asks: To what extent have you worked with the Java SE 7 Developer Preview Release? The poll went live this past Monday, and it will stay active until this coming Monday, April 4. If you haven't voted yet, consider doing so!

Last poll: web site

Our previous poll was suggested by usercowwoc. The poll asked about the responsiveness and ease of use of the bugs.sun.comweb site. 35 votes were cast, and one comment was posted. Here are the results:

How would you rate the responsiveness and ease-of-use of the website?

  • 9% (3 votes) - Excellent
  • 26% (9 votes) - Good
  • 20% (7 votes) - Poor
  • 23% (8 votes) - Unacceptable
  • 0% (0 votes) - Other
  • 23% (8 votes) - I don't know

That's certainly not a ringing vote of approval regarding The comment posted by larsstitz casts an even darker cloud:

I am actually wondering about the results of this poll, since I was complete unable to log on to for two months now. After submitting the login credentials, the server does not reply and the connection times out...

After perusing the site today, I'm not entirely sure that is even intended to be active. When I click on the Recently Closed Bugs link, the page I get says:

This is a list of bugs that received the highest number of votes and were closed within the last six months.

But when I click on the bug at the top of the list (4670071), the detail implies the bug may have been closed in late 2008 or early 2009. This, of course, was prior to the announcement that Oracle was going to be acquiring Sun, so maybe the site isn't fully maintained anymore. Meanwhile, the Java SE 7 Developer Preview Release page directs you to if you want to report bugs in that release.

So, there's something of a lack of clarity regarding reporting bugs to domains, at this point. But, you clearly should use reporting Java SE 7 bugs...

And if you haven't voted in this week's poll on the recent Java SE 7 preview release, please consider doing so! As I said, the poll will close sometime this coming Monday. Weblogs

Since my last blog post, Manfred Reim posted a new blog, JavaEE 7 JSR approved:

  • The JavaEE 7 umbrella JSR has been approved. A step in the right direction. Now we'll just have to see what is going to be included for real :)


Our current poll asks To what extent have you worked with the Java SE 7 Developer Preview Release? Voting will be open until this coming Monday.


Our latest Spotlight NetBeans IDE 7.0 Release Candidate 1:

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