The past two completed polls and the current poll all celebrate the formal release of Java 8. The first poll asked for your view of the significance of Java 8, while the second poll asked when you plan to download Java 8.

A total of 262 votes were cast in the first poll, which completed two weeks ago. The exact question and results were:

How significant is the Java 8 release?

  • 21% (55 votes) - It's the most significant Java release ever
  • 35% (91 votes) - It's among the most significant Java releases ever
  • 29% (76 votes) - It's an important major release
  • 6% (17 votes) - It's a typical Java major release
  • 6% (17 votes) - It's not all that significant, really
  • 2% (6 votes) - Other

So, a majority of the voters (56%) consider Java 8 to be one of the most significant Java releases ever, or the most significant release. Adding in the third option, we can say that 85% of the voters consider Java 8 to be an important major release.

A further 6% consider Java 8 to be a "typical" major release, while 6% consider Java 8 not to be all that significant. Meanwhile, 6 voters found none of the choices to represent their view of Java 8's significance, but none of them chose to post a comment describing their view.

So, if a large majority considers Java 8 an important release, how quickly are people downloading Java 8? For that, we look at the results of the second poll. [Note: polls are not scientific.]

There were 301 votes cast in the second poll, which completed earlier today. The exact question and results were:

How soon will you download Java 8?

  • 36% (107 votes) - I'm already working with Java 8
  • 28% (83 votes) - I've downloaded Java 8, but haven't done much with it yet
  • 14% (43 votes) - I'll probably download Java 8 in the next few weeks
  • 10% (31 votes) - Probably some months from now
  • 6% (16 votes) - Before Java 9 comes out
  • 3% (10 votes) - I'm not interested in Java 8
  • 3% (9 votes) - Other

Just under 2/3 of the voters (64%) say they've already downloaded Java 8, and a surprising majority of these say they are already working with it. Another 24% expect to download Java 8 within the coming weeks or months. By the time Java 9 comes out, 94% of the voters indicate they will have downloaded Java 8.

Of the remaining 6%, half state that they have no interest in Java 8, and the other half selected "Other."

pjmlp posted a comment that I'd think applies to a great many Java/JVM developers:

I downloaded it, but I don't have any hopes to use it at work for the time being. Recently I joined a new greenfield project that makes use of Java 6 as their target version.

The poll didn't distinguish between downloading Java 8 for work or out of curiosity. But it would be surprising if the percentage of developers using Java 8 at work was significant so soon after the formal release.

New poll: Java 8 new features

Our current poll also has a Java 8 focus. The poll asks: What's the most important new feature in Java 8? Voting will be open until Friday, May 2.

What poll would you like to see?

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)