Not too long ago, I actually was planning to attend this year's geeconconference, in Krakow, Poland. But, various events intervened, and I had to cancel. So, I'll have to just pretend it's the third leg of the Java conference hopping trip across Europe that Iwish I could have taken this year (the first two stops were Jfokus and JavaLand).

geecon's workshops actually happened earlier today; the formal conference runs for the rest of the week, May 14-16. Workshop topics covered SQL, Java 8, and SonarQube.

geecon has been around since 2009. Historically, the conference has usually moved to a different city each year, though Krakow has been the site of most of the geecon's thus far. More than 2000 developers have attended the conference in some years.

Java User Groups are an important component of the conference, with groups from Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Egypt, Brazil, Austria, Ukraine, and other countries actively participating in past events.

geecon 2014 will feature almost 80 speakers, many of whom you see featured on the home page when they have time to write a blog post. There are 75 regular conference sessions, plus opening keynotes, lightning talks, and coffee break presentations.

Even if you won't be in attendance, you can follow @GeeCON on Twitter, or follow the conference as it proceeds via the #geeconhashtag.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)