Tori Wieldt interviewed Mark Reinhold (Chief Architect of the Java 7 Platform) this afternoon, in a talk that was streamed on Oracle Technology Network Live. Mark reiterated that "Plan B" is the Java 7 plan going forward -- a reduced Java 7 feature set, but an earlier Java 7 release. The features that are close to complete will be included in Java 7, which will be released mid-2011. Remaining features will be in Java 8.

Mark said Java 7 will include:

  • most of Project Coin, including try-with constructs and the diamond operator (which facilitates getting more done with less code)
  • InvokeDynamic, which will facilitate integration with scripting languages like Ruby
  • lots of smaller items

Java 8 will include the items not included Java 7, for example:

  • Project Lambda (closures and other enhancements related to development for multi-core processors)
  • Project Jigsaw (modularity)
  • the remaining Project Coin features
  • additional smaller items

Mark invites our assistance with bringing out a solid Java 7. If you'd like to help, go to and try out the latest Java 7, see if your existing apps that run on JDK 6 still run, try out some of the new features, etc.

See Mark's recent blog posts It's time for ... Plan Band Re-thinking JDK 7 for more discussion of the Java 7 plan.

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-- Kevin Farnham
Twitter: @kevin_farnham