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JavaOne is upon us again already!

I'll be presenting with Jean-François Denise a session entitled JMXTM Technology Today and Tomorrow. For those attending, it'll be at 11am on Tuesday the 16th of May (next Tuesday). Here's the outline:

  • Demo (connecting jconsole to a running app via NetBeans)
  • Linking MBeans to information (several ways of connecting MBeans to the resources they manage)
  • JMX API changes coming soon (new API features in Java SE 6, "Mustang")
  • JMX Web-Services Connector (JSR 262)
    Demo of JMX Web-Services Connector using AJAX
  • JMX API changes coming later (new API features in Java SE 7, "Dolphin")

Courtesy of Stuart Clements, here's a list of all JMX-related activities via the query engine on the conference website.

Additionally, Lab 1510, Running with "Mustang"! (Tuesday, 3:45--5:15pm) includes some exercises to get some hands-on experience with the new features of the JMX API in Mustang. I'll be there to answer any questions you might have on the exercises (or anything else).

I previously wrote about compiling the JMX API in Mustang by extracting the necessary subset of the sources and getting your IDE to make a build.xml for you. Joël Féraud has now posted a description of how to compile the JMX API with a purpose-designed build.xml that's included in the Mustang sources.

The instructions I gave are still of interest for building other subsets of the Mustang API, but for the JMX API Joël's method is much simpler!

By the way, this is basically the way we build within the JMX team at Sun.