JavaOne is upon us again already!

I'll be presenting with Jean-François Denise a session entitled JMXTM Technology Today and Tomorrow. For those attending, it'll be at 11am on Tuesday the 16th of May (next Tuesday). Here's the outline:

  • Demo (connecting jconsole to a running app via NetBeans)
  • Linking MBeans to information (several ways of connecting MBeans to the resources they manage)
  • JMX API changes coming soon (new API features in Java SE 6, "Mustang")
  • JMX Web-Services Connector (JSR 262)
    Demo of JMX Web-Services Connector using AJAX
  • JMX API changes coming later (new API features in Java SE 7, "Dolphin")

Courtesy of Stuart Clements, here's a list of all JMX-related activities via the query engine on the conference website.

Additionally, Lab 1510, Running with "Mustang"! (Tuesday, 3:45--5:15pm) includes some exercises to get some hands-on experience with the new features of the JMX API in Mustang. I'll be there to answer any questions you might have on the exercises (or anything else).