To be clear, this is not an April's fool. As a follow-up to my previous post, I can tell that I've talked with Peter Zhelezniakov, the person presently in charge of JSR-295, and he's been very kind, on behalf of Sun, to provide me with all the drafts and development documentation left by Shannon Hickey. We discussed a couple of things and we decided that it's better to proceed with the fork, as the original BeansBinding must be maintained (and possible evolved) as the strict reference implementation of JSR-295; while BetterBeansBinding will be extended too. It makes sense.

So, I've choosen jimbethancourt's suggestion for the new name and BetterBeansBinding has been born! It lives on Kenai at the following URL:
Now, please give me a few days to set up the thing and to sketch on the Wiki the ideas about the new project, as per the suggestions you gave me commenting my original post. There are many things to do and, of course, for most of them I need the participation of people that expressed interest so far. Please keep an eye on my blog and to the BetterBeansBinding page so you'll know when we are ready to start. In the meantime, you could subscribe to Kenai and join the project (as Observer or Developer; in the latter case, please subscribe to the dev@ mailing list and present yourself, telling us how would you like to contribute).

In the meantime, I'm asking for someone to provide Hudson hosting for the project: my own Hudson server is already overloaded with blueMarine CI and I'm pulling stuff out if it rather than adding. My needs are: availability of both JDK 5 and JDK 6, Cobertura and FindBugs plugins, capability of sending emails... and maybe a couple of minor things ;-)

Thanks. In particular, thanks to Shannon for putting me in touch with Peter.