After days work with my Raspberry PI, and a silly stuff happen here (for days i cannot install the .img to my SD Card, because the white button in my SD Extender in write protected mode).. Yes, now working well.. I tought I got the unworking Raspberry PI.. hahaha. Now I am working with Java on ARM anyway. But I got Zero JVM for ARM... (Still working to install in my wheezy environment, there is a non hard point version of wheezy that can run JVM, and if you wanna the default distro, should try J8 preview). Based on my long discussion thread (you can find several of my post in OpenJDK), there is no central OpenJDK binary, OpenJDK only have source, but you can find OpenJDK in your distribution, i found there is fedora arm jvm (not test yet), and my C-6AMD (I dont use ATOm from Intel), have OpenJDK, because I install Ubuntu must try this machine, cheap and with little change from unity, it is awesome (faster than my Win8 trial). interesting in marketing strategy positioning, in ARM era, Java SE for Arm is a commercial product vs the JavaSE for Intel a free product. Mean you cannot use in production without payment for ARM product.. the license called BCL (Still seeking). Denise from OpenSCG (you know him in Postgre World) create OpenJDK 6.x distribution, visit his web.. For me this is prospect to anyone that want to go to the market "Support of new Java" with multiplatform... anyone know where is the patch and support of Ubuntu's OpenJDK will come? for OpenSourcer, you cannot get Java full environment in ARM using ORacle... but if you doing OpenSource buiness, and never pay JVM to Oracle, because all of us has been year work in this area.. (We think that we contribute to JCP and that is enough.. you are not right.. JCP is oracle's division and yes this is new business model). I can see an interesting new market share in the mobile marketspace, which Android has been to strong, and BB10 and Ubuntu put Android runtime in their phone, and how to bring Java to their environment.. if Java in Arm still work like JavaME in Nokia era. you must pay.. and i beleive the tight competition will come shortly... and i see ARM will move to server, JavaEE also will become commercial if run using J7 from ORacle, but OpenJDK... but for EE, you usually sell services... mm OpenJDK support.. anyone working on it? F