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Indonesia has released the domain .id to public with Indonesia ID, and more more website using this domain, the domain is costly around $50/year. in Another world, with this domain, we can make the domain become an identity portal. And yes we are the one that using it (, and we also release the OAuth Server, take a look, a 2-in-1 project that can become an MVC platform and a OAuth Server. Compatible with JENI Education Program ( So, now, starting vocational highschool in Indonesia can learn how to create JavaEE Application (we will move from Struts2/REST to total JAX-RX), and the security we adopt from Spring, and extend to several feature. The live version of the Meruvian Yama now run under and, and hope more more people will use and contribute to make it better. FYI: The different of the MervID and CybersID are have a more complete profile and a DISC Psychotest Profiling, which both project are a separate project under PAJAJE project (still hosted in SF.NET). We also create a Yama-showcase as playground to "access" to our Merv.ID, Facebook and G+, we adopt Admin LTE Bootstrap UI. For Android Client to consume to both Yama News Showcase, called Midas Project Showcase, you can download from Google Play, or direct to his URL The source code of the MiDas Project in So, if you want to create an authentication server, we are glad to help, and we are welcome any feedback, just contact me frans @  
This year, more more apache based company, I mean that a company that repackage, retest or make a bundle of Apache product, selling product in Indonesia. And as we know, the ecosystem, like tech guy, expert in our region Asia Pasific, i never see.. but pre-sales and salesman, and industry leader, all over the country. I make a small theory about this, because most of their product are based on Apache, and in another world, I still cannot make differenciation between the apache and theirs.. And yes, the subscription cost is hugh expensive.. Pivotal selling Tomcat, Hadoop, has office here. RedHat selling Camel, Tomcat (Jboss EWS), Cloudera selling Hadoop MapR. The interesting also from Oracle that selling BigData Machine (accidently still no client yet, but I met them from last year about this), and Terradata with Hortonwork, and yup, I am compete with HP-Microsoft that selling Hortonwork (will this client use this). I am a community guy, grow since highschool in IT computer club, and now manage a lot of IT specific user group, JUG, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, CodeAndroid, Fluider HTML5. and WE use Apache product, very very much, esp Tomcat.. There are a theory in our JUG, an opensource will keep a live when the last contributor use and contribute to it, thx to Sam for this poem. and Inspired me a lot. So, if we can support Apache keep growing that make the project will long lasting. and subscription fee is amazing expensive, and i bet the cost equal to platium sponsor for Apache. of course subscription usually have a server to ask, patch, and "consultant" to help. There are a small discussion, what happen if the expert all over world esp in our region Asia Pasific, joined to a community and we pay them, vs pay subscription of the company, will the system worst than we pay subscription? This case happened in Spring world, which our JUG discuss it since 2003, and a lot (very a lot) project run on Spring, a lot system run in production with Spring, and in another world Pivotal also have Spring, and never see Spring community development in last 10 year here.. dedicated lead by Spring people. JUG support vs Spring Subscription theory. I thinking about expert network vs vendor network, and divide of the cost, become foundation sponsor.. but, in several companies, they want real proven support, and should these experts be under a company rather freelancer? or can the expert linked with local companies and sell services to local, I believe the cost of current vendor's subscription - (local cost+expert) still good enough to sponsor foundation and make the expert pay in premium. NB: because writing this, i think i have new idea ;) will work on this ;).  
a little discussion in a television series here that i am the speaker. the topic is Java. The host, TV Excelence, said any update for Java and why Java is silence now. I said there are Java worlds which use Java but we cannot said it is Java, but use Java. 1. BigData with Hadoop under Apache , is a new ecosystem that based on Java. 2. Smartphone/Gadget with Android under Google with Apache License (again), and is a new ecosystem we cannot call it Java, because the dalvik is "clean room" of new Java implementation, based on Harmony? this is big, and become mainstream 3. ESB , like an extended Java EE, bring java as connector to any processes, from ERP, CRM, to telcos and banking. I use ServicesMix/Camel/AMQ which also under Apache. 4. Cloud Computing, starting with CloudFoundry that use SpringSecurity's UAA with full Java Cloud Computing Platform called CloudStack (under Apache) We can see most of them use JavaSE as their runtime, except Android (fork Apache Harmony?). With Apache quit from JCP, and Google create his own world under OHA. We can see those "Java" ecosystem is a new Java World in Java World (Java as brand own by Oracle). Interesting in the User Group development, most of the stacks can be part of JUG, but Android, to strong to said it is not Java :0.. but there is not Andoroid USer GRoup specific in Google, but GDG. Any idea to united the Android, esp after there are Kindler, XiaomiOS? why apache is become prefered license, take a look Cloudera CDH and RedHat JBoss Fuse, also Apache. Can we said the new Java ecosystem develop under Apache?  
After days work with my Raspberry PI, and a silly stuff happen here (for days i cannot install the .img to my SD Card, because the white button in my SD Extender in write protected mode).. Yes, now working well.. I tought I got the unworking Raspberry PI.. hahaha. Now I am working with Java on ARM anyway. But I got Zero JVM for ARM... (Still working to install in my wheezy environment, there is a non hard point version of wheezy that can run JVM, and if you wanna the default distro, should try J8 preview). Based on my long discussion thread (you can find several of my post in OpenJDK), there is no central OpenJDK binary, OpenJDK only have source, but you can find OpenJDK in your distribution, i found there is fedora arm jvm (not test yet), and my C-6AMD (I dont use ATOm from Intel), have OpenJDK, because I install Ubuntu must try this machine, cheap and with little change from unity, it is awesome (faster than my Win8 trial). interesting in marketing strategy positioning, in ARM era, Java SE for Arm is a commercial product vs the JavaSE for Intel a free product. Mean you cannot use in production without payment for ARM product.. the license called BCL (Still seeking). Denise from OpenSCG (you know him in Postgre World) create OpenJDK 6.x distribution, visit his web.. For me this is prospect to anyone that want to go to the market "Support of new Java" with multiplatform... anyone know where is the patch and support of Ubuntu's OpenJDK will come? for OpenSourcer, you cannot get Java full environment in ARM using ORacle... but if you doing OpenSource buiness, and never pay JVM to Oracle, because all of us has been year work in this area.. (We think that we contribute to JCP and that is enough.. you are not right.. JCP is oracle's division and yes this is new business model). I can see an interesting new market share in the mobile marketspace, which Android has been to strong, and BB10 and Ubuntu put Android runtime in their phone, and how to bring Java to their environment.. if Java in Arm still work like JavaME in Nokia era. you must pay.. and i beleive the tight competition will come shortly... and i see ARM will move to server, JavaEE also will become commercial if run using J7 from ORacle, but OpenJDK... but for EE, you usually sell services... mm OpenJDK support.. anyone working on it? F  
I am glad our team and me ofcourse, part of the Support mySchool project in WorldBank for Indonesia's Ministery of Education and Culture (MoEC), the URL is The first social media that linked with all the role in our govermental (from ministery directorate, province's education structure, district's educatio structure and schools structure). The public participant for submit the issues around education is the main reason and strong of the system. There are 4 categories for categorize the need of support: The SuMS project also a action for every need, based on the categories and schools target, which all related role that involve with the flow, can do action. Action Processes In final there are View Report feature that tell the summary of every role that use SuMS, to get the information, include how many new need, how many need and hyperlink to the need detail. View Report Concept The System develop using Struts2/REST-Spring/CDI-Hibernate/JPA, yes we still locked to Hibernate UUID and SpringTX . The JavaEE container is Glassfish, use MySQL as database, and Hadoop as documentation storage. The Android client communicate with another system based on JAXRS, we use RestEasy with Spring/CDI-Hibernate/JPA. both the core of Spring and Hibernate for both Web and REST edition are sharable.  
Has been 6 months, I part of the Azure Insider. I can test Azure here. Yes We have a lot of Cloud environment here, from OpenStack/CloudFoundry to VSphere/CloudFoundry, mostly all PaaS Related which I interest and see value for developer in PaaS World. anyway, there is an initiative related to Paas, called OpenPaaS, please visit Several interesting work that we has made is to deploy JavaEE application in Cloud esp in Azure in PaaS environment, and months testing. Yes, i it is working. This is the small ebook how to deploy Java Apps in Cloud PaaS, including Azure also. , if you cannot access can download to our knowledge space. The ebook explain how to deploy our Yama to 6 Clouds. It is a Struts2/Spring/Hibernate mini project), which also hosted in this, take a look, Yama also in Maven Central (thx to that make our project possible part of Maven Central). We know, the rest of Cloud services which we try, from Jelastic to GAE, they are Java friendly.. this means they are Java supporter, compare with Microsoft. That why i try to blog this here, try to be Azure related.. mmm.. in :) In the middle of searching how to deploy JavaEE in Azure, amazingly more painfull compare with another Cloud services. I love CloudFoundry compliance which integrate with Eclipse.. and yes Azure also have Eclipse plugins.. but beware if you install it in Mac, the Eclipse only work in Windows environment (hugh!!!!). We setup SQLServer in our local and we use DataSync to sync the data beween SQLSErver and SQLAzure. The hibernate work well also in the Azure environment, I am glad our framework run on all cloud system. I tought cannot run on Azure. I still dont know how many people wanna to deploy Java apps in Azure, esp the relationship between Microsoft and Java community is like Heaven and Hell, I never see Microsoft promote Java.. Yes, The Azure can deploy smoothly a JavaEE which we develop.. for future information, please read our first ebook related to deploying Java Apps in PaaS. We are planning to create dedicated Azure related or may be another cloud related also. The other work in Azure we have done is to create a VM and run CloudFoundry there, of course we install Ubuntu first inside the Azure. Is this scenario queit strange, because Azure has pass our PaaS test. We picked this VM implementation scenario because we think about move a VM from VMWare project, OpenStack project etc, to Azure or vice versa.. remember Java is agnostic, I want this behavior. so we can move the whole apps from one system to another cloud system, just copy-ing a vm. Try test this URL, if work our CF still run.. we are on/off those very oftenly to learn how many resource consume in this work. Now we try to run both Azure with CF and VSphere with CF (thx to our IndonesianCloud for give us the VM for their Vsphere). We use Eclipse and also command line to deploy the JavaEE, and in several case we upload our apps to the CF environment in both system. For more information, stay tune.. we are writing the tutorial for this case. for discussing Azure with Java, can visit or the mailing list!forum/azure4j for cloudfoundry we setup or visit NB: Anyway, The Java community program in Indonesia quiet interesting, Microsoft has become premier sponsor for our Java community program esp Eclipse DemoCamp, compare with Oracle Indonesia or any Java company in this country or Asia Pasific. Silly right!!! Anyway, Microsoft Indonesia has sponsor with budget now for more Java activities. I am quiet strange how can they budget a funding for Java activities, where in he know, that using Windows is a sin in my company. We are BizSpark Network Partner, and also we have Biz Spark Companies, we can use the WindowsServer etc for FREE.  
Has been 1 year, after the Oracle vs Google saga, and I hear there will be appeal.. I am personally dunno what is appeal mean, i know sex appeal. huahua.. yes, I try to learn another tech and dedicate my time less to Java, touching NodeJS, try-ing Cloud, and yes, spending my time to my old hobbyes far become computer came to my life, fish tropical breeding. I live in emerging country, which trademark is a new thing, and we only have patent related to physical inventing, no software patent, and in the middle that people fighting software patent implemented in the country. You can see USPO's software patent troll, that i believe you agree, an idiiot stuff happening in USA. how can people that do nothing can get fee for a thing that he is even dunno what is it? in the name to lock innovation that fast become anyone can create, we have to pay. Hope China and the rest of the world can learn of this. but, development ecosystem is new thing esp in Asia (the future of the market??), take a look Samsung, did a worst development ecosysstem globally, but lead the smartphone market, and #1 brother right now. Samsung Apps is like manage unseriously. Yes far steps Samsung must do to make them like Apple. In Indonesia Samsung Electronic is not manage smartphone only but also refrigenerator, air conditioner, television, dispenser etc. Strange organization structure. and polytron, a samsung like company also just launch Android smartphone. please visit Has been almost 10 years dedicate my time to Java, and push to openess, yes I dont like court of Java, and bring Android outside Java ecosystem, both ORacle wrong, and Google also try to steal Java from the ecosystem. Thx god, Google is not smart enough to manage his developer, he make the development under GDG (Google Dev Group), rather dedicated product based community.. Afraid his product grow bigger than GOOG, and cannot control, like ORacle and Java. any opinion? I try to add small Android community, because Android is interesting and saga make JUG cannot become strategic partner for Android, called CodeAndroid Indonesia. please visit, because i only interest with android, i cannot lead GDG, because i dont interest with all the tech that "must" be managed. Sad thing Google play is not support our country, so we cannot sell software in Google Play, we must think another model of development of our product. that is new challange. vs Nokia Store vs Windows Marketplace both has work , oh yea, RIM also AppWorld exist here.. dunno what GOOG head in mind for this. Yes, post Google vs Oracle, the world of Java become legal discussion rather innovation discussion, esp patent troll in between. See how Apple sue Samsung, and Microsoft sue Android manufacturing. anyway, this is the first year, i not see and follow JavaOne, even the keynotes never watch, and no slide clicked to review. busy to breed my own discus fish, yea I have 5 pairs, and next week new Sabwa Rasbora and Congo Tetra will come to my mini farm in my Meruvian.  
Oracle just give free ADF Essential on Glassfish, a streamline edition of ADF. An interesting thing is there are also OEPE (Oracle Eclipse Plugins) that have ADF inside. which the Jdeveloper edition is far more complete and rich. ADF Essential is free for glassfish deployment, and with support US$ 1250/server (/core??), and you will get the source. CMIIW. I never buy the support, so still waiting to see the source quality. This is the FAQ of ADF Essential. I like ADF's LOV (List of Value) and Search dialog, this is awesome. a thing that we can find in Oracle Form. please take a look of UX, very Oracle.. I can see this is interesting product, because oracle come to the market with free, which mostly OpenSource. i believe this is the thing in Oracle that oracle cannot call him self #1. Lets see what will going on. ADF is one of the Rich oriented framework, we can call the phase 2 of MVC Development market, which in 1999-2010 we can call it a MVC framework market, Spring still driving his horse after Rod's book JavaEE with EJB become a momentum of IoC popularity. CMIIW, RoR, Struts2, SpringMVc, Stripes, Appfuse in phase 1.. and yes we have MVC also called Yama.. take a look, we have 3 implementation SpringMVC, Struts2 and JAX-RS. I wish we can add rich component in the future. It is opensource under Apache license. WE cannot compare ADF with SpringMVC, but with ZkOss (, please also review Vaadin. I wish sencha want to launch a JAX-RS framework with his ExtJS, so the market will become interesting. ADF come with Oracle Form replacement, since 2007 promote all the Oracle form guy to use it. which his own tech, betting in JSF.. ps.. I like the Taskflow, sad it is not part of JSF.. but anyway, I am not JSF programmer, and my companies here dont have JSF people, we use JSF for education purpose in education entity. and the last discussion related to JSF is PrimeFace. PrimeFaces in several months ago in our JUG there is discussion, and bad ADF discussion raise in last 2 years in our JUG. a 10 years partner of ADF implementator (just got award) become "anti ADF" in our mailing list.. ZkOSS become a new rich component that raising sun here. Banks implements (Based on the discussion in JUG), Financial institution betting his project to ZkOSs. I met several my friend which invest in ZKoss, but because the education material is not integrated with education, several my Zkoss' base company close down in paralel with ADF's company. But people still learn non structured model, I propose an integrated education stack for ZkOss, and i can help to become part of our JENI (Java Education) program. So, we have alternative framework. weaknes of ZKoss is LPGL, why dont use Apache.. mmmm.. ZkOSS is interesting product, it is rich component based on Spring (SpringMVC also), and i think the game will become more interesting if VMware bought ZKoss. Zkoss live and dead in Spring. if we see the new JavaEE 6 program to use CDI, replace Spring. and with new ADF Essential, which the BC4J (a spring like but not CDI). I wish there is CDI based ADF tech. Dunno how Oracle can manage this 2 marketing program. Why should ADF Eseential, it is not standard? and why should CDI? if all oracle's based on ADF. Waiting response, because this JavaONE 2012, first time Oracle will come to Glassfish with ADF Essential. years before it is part of OOW, and Fusion. Fusion != Java.. but use Java..  
Frans Thamura

my belief of Java Blog

Posted by Frans Thamura Sep 21, 2012
i try to blog my java opinion here, and yes, my indonesian blog in discuss about mental and enterpreneurship in java. I still have the old, you can read about it. and Sorry for my bad english.. if you want to become my review, can contact me directly. I believe because my blog more high level rather technical detail, i lost my title as Ace Director..hehe :)... this time i wanna to blog my belief of Java, and direction that will become my decision where Java must go in my mind. I am a little to policitically belief, a tech that make people depend and life cannot become a company, esp a country that power by a tech cannot depend on a company, because company cannot long life sustain, one day they will become another.. and yes this theory become reality, Sun gone now. but the journey to make Java as ours still long journey, but it has OpenSource. My another belief also tell me that a solution cannnot depend on a company's solution, because one day, what happen if the company become your biggest competitor. and the platform is not open, and in several case cannot flexible enough for your future solution. You will become dependent to this core, you are dy-ing. That why after spending all my sallary for MCSE in 1997, i drop all yearly work, to Java. and still scary to invest in .NET :) esp for the backbone. That is the reason why friends asking me, please invest here, the market is good. but i said i want something that make me can sleep in the future, no backstubber, no pain ass. I can see Java is a prospectus to become like this, and has been 12 years, nothing happen.. but happened in another side of open world. We still have a patent troll news around, which a restructure this one to a better one. How can a company without do anything, only hold patent related to click-click, and sue billions to a people that spend his whole life to inventing innovation. Let's a journey start. now monitoring OpenJDK, wish can do more..but investment for OpenJDK focus on the plan and will part of this. anyway, Our foundation, Meruvian, also have new blog in , take a look again, sorry for bad english, and reviewer and mentor for good blog in english are welcome. I believe your help will help a lot a unlucky people and have a better future with your help.  
almost one year or may be more.. we stop using, and we use, yes.. move totally*. We love the, because there are several feature inside, such as multiple svn in one project, a lot of project, fast response and support from Sonya. And.. yes.. JIRA inside, integrated with the username, so we can have total integration, and if someone hack. we can ask Oracle team to help our user. Several case happen, because post Oracle vs Google in Android, and we are using Android. We feel that Android like step son or illegitimate/illicit hot son. My believe, Java is an orgy support technology, more derivative more cool, see how Eclipse Link vs Hibernate vs OpenJPA. You can sleep with anyone of them, and if you want "orgy" style, use the JPA. Java guy must learn from Society Finch which distribute across India (brown white pattern) and South East (dark brown and white) rather Gouldian Amadin Finch (from Australia that endanger). FYI, JUG have a mascot called JUGGY, it is a java finch, an endangered species in Java island, but I hear a crowd in Hawaii, and multi strain in Netherland. the project in growing as crazy, usually after we success make first product, move to, yes we have less people that can manage the server, in several case, I dont trust well with our technician's professionalisme, i think if we have a more professional team here, the topic will different. Thx to team that sponsor so we have server for do anything. Another one is, our own implementation of OpenStreetMap, yes both in IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange), a private own backbone, which our goverment wanna to create another... but need years and good presiden to start.. and we dont have yet.. I am a long JIRA Client from ALMWork user, and i ask team (with several email), asking to make alink for JIRA Client, so all use can use the JIRA Client under JIRA. this is the issue number. Now we have our own JIRA in our server again, because project grow fantastically, and 100% OpenSource...and is not support JIRAClient, yet... Sad, no one followup and process, even the owner of ALMWork, agree to give the speciesl free license, because is using non JIRA OPenSource License, but Commercial License.. So, now we move the JIRA from to our own JIRa.. sound stupid right.. :) wish can migrate all the issue from's jira to our own JIRA. again after years using and our own JIRA. We still see a cool platform for development, because Sonatype guy inside, so we can use nexus and integrate to maven, yes .. our projects now in Maven Central, compare to, we cant do that, and support from both Oracle/Sonatype are fast. Hey, we found this, yes google code also support to deploy to Maven Central. and accidently, my hosting sponsor said that International connection if our focus are global rather local under Indonesia, I must wait his company become a NAP company.. mm and it is in progress. and must wait with uncertain time. now, we use Google Code.. this is ours.., we try to get alternative, because we cant push the issue, and we feel manage the JIRA with JIRAClient is awesome..and why should we buy, if we dedicated to OpenSource, and ALmWork agree to provide the license..picky? Yes, we use google code, because we trust the wont down... still proving this, and Sonya said in the mailing list the budget to manage far bigger than Sun provide.. but strange still can down, manage by #1 biggest Enterprise Software company, which help a lot of companies to manage their system.. They cannot manage their own.. NB: we have several down project like this :)...using best software, like our tax system, a multi million (dozen) project US$ not in Rupiah (1 US$ = Rp. 9500), hugh for a US$ 400/month programmer sallary.. so, what do u think of our problem? I believe we are the biggest and more than anyone in this country, produce OpenSource, and release consistently in last 12 years, start from Cimande in June 2001. We have problem with "funding" to manage our own SourceForge to serv global community, but yes we have for local community, but today we are in globalization. ORacle try to learn how to make trusted services for OpenSource.. and shock think, they use for their own project.. this is not a 99.999% system, but heavily integrated, direct link with JUG, but we love the illegitimate java son called Android. We need a place to forgot this bad court and keep inovation. sound politics ;)... yes Java is a political product anyway. suggestion and comment welcome... NB: everything in the end, solved if you have money, but several case make, we must think like this.. and 12 years we are self sponsor and survive dude.. :) from Sun to ORacle, never support our work here... damn, it is painfull to survive in this country to become global step 1 :) but i am glad, event the #1 company like Oracle also cannot serve.. so, we have chance to become the #1 ;)  
After reading the - JSR 358, i can see the prospect of Harmony become JavaSE. Yes, there is no reason to keep block the Harmony become JavaSE.. to keep the community under Java umbrella, we need to make it.. but i can see Java will move from product become standard.. the RI is ok.... but i love the new body.. :) will JSR 358 make this happen. I believe this is amazing challanging, because how Baidu, Amazon and Google want to sit in JCP.. (Still confuse how OHA work in this case??). As we know, Linux and Android (linux) has become one in their kernel now.. awesome work isnt it. See the derivative of Harmony called Android that rule the world, become the most popular mobile space. yes, i am personally love the Android development. compare with List + RMS in JavaME that "SU*K". Agree? an no MIDP 3.0 phone in the market, strange thing the MIDP 3.0, lead by Motorolla CMIIW. I can see the new Java will have new standard that adopt Android.. or make Android become YEs, to late, because why dont make it years before.. this smiliar case with Spring to JavaEE DI.. Spring has big community there, and several will stay happy with Spring. esp modules of Spring is awesome. Can JCP success bring Android to Java? ps.. do u still using hibernate as hibernate.cfg or persistance.xml? we have a lot of case, JDO (JPA), EJB2 (EJB3).. mmm repeated case.. but.. In Indonesia, the JavaME i believe left in Nokia S40 market, which Nokia now bring to NICE (Nokia Indonesia Community Entushiasme). dunno how the community program will switch the JavaME become WinPhone programmer. This is interesting case, because smiliar with 'VB6 community move to Java' because the issue of 'VB6 is not compatible with'. WInPhone is not standard.. and nokia "move it" :).. can nokia success.. Interesting right.. how market move from A to Z. and Z to A.. I think Android become standard quiet interesting, esp after Oracle lose in court.. yes, we also glad that we can implement another JVM by ours, and commercial it before pass the JCP.. (pass or cannot pass).. NB: why there is not JSR for SpringMVC and Struts2 or Stripes? and why should JSF?  

I blog this, because shocked with Oracle's Corporate Fair new "program" in our area, Asia Pasific, and feel that our 12 years work is like never seen. Strange what Oracle doing in headquarter, and why all the Sun report from pre-acquzition never come to his office.. I am glad somone can send this blog to him. and change his "status" of this country, Indonesia to a better place.. rather a country that "need" to know what is Java.

This is a blog related to my 12 years Java experience and movement.. 

This is an Indonesian Java Movement from my side and perspective, and several milestone that important in Java movement in Indonesia.. please dont redo what we did.

?2000 - first under the Java Research Prodesain Indonesia PT (Spin off a lot of PT Intercitra, PT Adelva Solusindo (operator 21, one of top 10 hottest dotcom in the country right now).) I held CTO in this company. PT is company... we use PT as inc. here..

2001 - Started Cimande open source project, which under, hosted in SourceForge.

2002 - Standing Intercitra company that provides support for the project Cimande, and create solutions Aconix (Content Management), the solution grow in 2012, we have more than 50, and the ecosystem grow as standard education linked with Java.. 

2003 -  Cahya Ratih, Erwin from VEDC, Hendra & Friends from UI came to Intercitra for internship, one of the job makes a neat Cimande. Cahya did debugging.. and we shocked this work become our national work 3 years from this year.

March 2003, born JUG Indonesia, origin name is JavaJob Indonesia, a Java job search mechanism for Intercitra

2005 - Frans Thamura a Java Champion, one of the world's first Java Champion (there are 25 people at the time). # Thamura

2006 - Becomes a member of the committee JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia). Material distributed at one . With 15 000 Pupils cover 168 and some vocational Poltek throughout Java. Irena and Nana Internship Meruvian one child, entered Kick Andy, for teaching Java in Vietnam.

Reference for JENI:

or can access to the website 

JENI adopted the JEDI material developed by Sun and UPH Philippines. http:///, as well as incorporating some of the stack to facilitate product development, one of which Cimande project. I believe JEDI also adopts well in Brazil, and move to Vietnam, take a look the work

2007 - I was elected as Oracle Ace Director, one of the first in Asia Pacific, because the reference of the Oracle Sydney, David Forden the Director of Asia Pasific.

2008 - Birth JARC (Asean Java Research Center), to areas of Southeast Asia and Jtechnopreneur, where one pengeola JARC is Cahya Ruth, plus juniors Rizal Adompo (Also ex Internship Intercitra 2005). Entrepreneurial opportunities roadshow to 8 cities from Jakarta to Surabaya.

JARC teach Java in 11 countries under the SEAMEO (concoritium from 11 ministries of education around south east asia).

Java Program presentation in Washington DC (KScope), at the invitation of Oracle HQ, as one of the update of the global Oracle Ace Director. thx for Justin/Vicky Team that allowed me to speak there, under Ace Director Internal Meeting and GAthering.

2009 - Frans Thamura part of team to create a spectrum of modern curricula for vocational schools, and includes Java as the main stack of ICT education programming and Indonesia. take a look of the curriculum here 

Oracle Indonesia appointed Frans Thamura Oracle Academy mentor for Java area, signed by Oracle Indonesia CEO, and every meeting, the CEO came.. until his resign and join EMC, Adi Rusli.

Meruvian working with Gunadarma to manage the Business Incubator Center and curriculum development "Java" as a pilot project implementation of E-Stock Aptikom. I am personally part of the Incubator since 2003. the curriculum between Gunadarma and Meruvian is an implementation of E-Bursa from APTIKOM (Association of higher schools in Indonesia, with member more than 600 universities and polytechnis) .

this is the slide that explain E-Bursa.

2010 - Presentation of the movement of Java in Indonesia in Beijing JavaOne, Oracle at the invitation of Sydney., you can see here also the letter from Oracle Indonesia regarding to Oracle Academy.

2011 - Gorontalo Polytechnics and Meruvian become partner, We create a modern polytechnic curriculum, and ready to be submitted to the Higher Education, to be a national curriculum Poltek.

This year, first company to dinakodai by the "student" of Meruvian is Mervotura. (Nita Puspita and Mila Yuliani) -> see her in Java Magazine next march :)...oopps this march.

Edy, an apprentice Meruvian, got a merit award in INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award), and the first champion in Indonesia Android Competition, I believe the first Enterprise product in the ICT Award under highschool category.

Take a look Edy's slide.. in slideshare here.. the link 

JDuchess Indonesia was born, the first Java community for women, founded by Meruvian heroine, Mila, Nety, and Senja ( ), with the establishment and support of the Global JDuchess, Agnes Crepet. JUG Leaders from Lyon France. Yes, Agnes recommended the girls to be part of Java Magazine, thx to Justin to make them in the magazine.. (They loved the photographer that Oracle sent from Milan.. wow.. awesome...).

2012 - Mila Yuliani and Nety into Java Magazine as a recommendation of Agnes Crepet (JDuchess Franches), after visiting Meruvian Agnes in 2011, evaluating the curriculum Indonesia and said the curriculum is better than France, but still less complete than the French industry (Spesalisasi Agnes is Agile) .

Oracle Indonesia under Asia Pasific direction, choose Indonesia, China and India as a pilot project for Java, and will introduce Java to this country...


(NB: I am working with Indian company, in part of the biggest integration between ministery that linking 77 ministeries under one system, also with Korean, Malaysian companies in this work, one of the biggest loan from our goverment for create and implement a system..all based on Java).

JENI like work with JENE umbrella also try to be adopted in Egypt.. take a look from Ahmed work in 




Frans Thamura

This year is a good year for Meruvian, after 6 years work, now the student can achieve as winner in national competition, but we still have problem send them to APICTA for Asia  Pasific ICT competition, because dunno why. Merit Award could be sent to Asia Pasific. but cant... I wish APICTA global organizer read my blog.

Edy is a 15 years, when in competition happen, he was still 2 year in vocational highschool (secondary school).

He create an amazing project using REST, Struts2, Hibernate and also create AJAX like using JQuery, with Android edition also for submit leave. The project called Aliber, the good news, it hosted in since the first commit (joining a migration project for all Meruvian projects to Read my last blog here

Aliber is a leave management solution, which come when student always extend the leave without explanation. Which that is not good.

If u see his parent revenue, which i believe less than US$ 10 for working a day..he is amazing son, isnt it.  Yes, my job to make he become the one, and can pass the jTechnopreneur program, create his company (start from his Aliber), and become global player one day.

I blog this, may be this experience can inspire all of you in another country, and may be we can working together. or may be Oracle start from can work together also, because we can create hundreds people like Edy globally. and Edy can inspire people anywhere..

This education project start from JENI (Java Education NEtwork Indonesia), and we extend to (add Android, REST).

for more information of this activities can visit


Dont forget to checkout Edy's work in and we love to give the project feedback.


I hear that Aliber 2.0 will adopt Activiti, to replace leave approvral process (which right now based on manual/database) rather advanced workflow (dynamic workflow).


Aliber is OpenSource project, with Apache License..

If you want to know more about Aliber, Edy has created a complete manual, take a look this.


and Aliber's presentation also.

Edy also part of development Syariah application, take a look.

 Indonesia (and I believe in most the emerging country and less educated country -- of course corrupted country--) is the hard selling country, i know this model from my friend who lead the milions dollar sales business, a local brand that become of the strong brand in the country. U can see his ads all over the city where I stay, Jakarta, and I dare non technology, except may be Sun has only one ads in near Gatot Subroto Street, years ago.

Like or not the software industry, where i stay here, and try to get the cake, in last 10 years of community development, i just met Microsoft, in that time Risman, founder of .NET User Group and now Director of DEP in Microsoft Indonesia, the only serious company in community development, years we fight, and in last 2 years we share pain of development. 

Strange thing, .net opportunity more strong in another country near here, like Malaysia and Singapore, Where is Java? esp most of the country speak OpenSource, but can we trust their goverment. I visited Kuala Lumpur, mostly citizen there speak about smiliar like what we talk here, Corruption. Risman said that .net community now one program with MUGI, which i see in several cities still active vs the JUG that getting less active, including JUG Indonesia where i found. The Java big aura still in uncertain, esp with no clear direction of Java insire Oracle, J7 is a milestone for next Java, but we agree that J8 is the new start.. mmm still years to wait.

Interesting happen also here, esp after one vocational highschool change the "Oracle Academy" becomes "jTechnopreneur", basically it is a rebranding version of JENI program from our goverment, which also dead-end. But the program also still not a mainstream, because the ministery that related to education still in transformation, and more-more people from there go to jail because corruption.

Strange thing happen, in most of the country near here, people asking all programmer, .net or Java, and i can see several companies growing, but i am also get the different behavior of subsidiary, esp in both Malaysia and Indonesia, where i am working on now. Strange, how can they different. esp the companies related to Java.. u know whom..!!

Can hear the real community program in this region, esp for news short press release in media, show me the name of the manager.

Please also compare the community event (ApacheCon, EclipseCon), mostly in Europe and America, but we know Asia Pasific is the biggest place for human stay, i believe almost 2/3 all human stay in that area.

My head said that, develop this area is like develop monster? is that right? that why mostly vendor doing a hard selling, less total education, and in our country, vendors + goverment success create a shifting education, putting a lot of their product as main educaiton program, and because only doing a short term press release in media, in several years back, the output getting worst. Who will be blamed for this? the direct impact of course the implementation of their product. Can hear a scalable implementation in last 5 years in this country? why are they not massive? if the education is the program to create massive expert.


Should we the community leader work by our self, and in several case compete very hard with a program that vendors create, esp the brand holder. to create a better ecosystem?


I still dont get how a hard selling business, can grow community?

 We just working with a little documentation for our internship and internal people inside Meruvian dan networks, for make a standard development. We use for presure because mostly our work is Java based, we think Android is also Java based.. :)

I am personally still dunno the repositioning about, where will move, and will it become the best Java development server in the world. Which we know Oracle is the lover of #1 slogan, #1 in every thing, u can see this word in Oracle OpenWorld, I saw this since 2007, when i visited first time in OpenWorld. Thx make me Oracle Ace Director, so I can feel that experience.

Become #1 is the ambitious thing, where in my personal positioning is try to "survive" rather "#1", even we know our JUG Indonesia is the most mainstream community for programming, and the program under it, one of the most fenomenal one and ambitious one.. even we know Oracle in emerging country like Indonesia, still sales with 3paybill. Sorry Oracle, that is the fact..

So, Java movement is like alone in a novoid (Ben10 dimension.. hehe), but glad the global positioning Java make it mainstream.

A lot of things inside are things that we use daily, esp Nexus, JIRA, and SVN (we still stupid in GIT, wanna to help??).

I am waiting the architecture of, esp ORacle said using Kenai, a cloud platform, using JRuby etc. this may be an intersting things, esp we cannot know the Google Code architecture, may be the system can become our reference to develop Java based solution, but we know. still no Java things like this blog in

That will be awesome if we can use account as FB like account.


esp in there is openjdk, the thing that we must monitor.. 


Right now, when i write this blog, i am in Kuala Lumpur, just visited Code Android Malaysia Gathering, and meet a lot of CEO, and shocked the "requirement here". I wont explain more lar.


so where do u wanna to go today? kekeke. i used microsoft's slogan.. :)


salam nasi lemak.