The main idea was to implement the remote power controller to have some kind of remote control over electricity sockets. The plan was to create the adapter to control the electricity flow through the LPT port and to write an appropriate API. The next check-point was to play with sound recognition API and to integrate it with the electricity control adapter. All these ideas were just the ideas until today. Let me share my realizations with you: The first step was an implementation of the power switch adapter. You can googlify many solutions for this. One of them which was chosen as a base material for power switch adapter implementation was "". The implementation was simplified by removing all the logic related to the decoder. Due to compact 12V PSS1215M transformator the circuit was placed to the electricity container to make it compact.
The next step was to implement the API to control this circuit. For the communication with the LPT control I have chosen the module inpout32 "" and made the JNI (Java Native Interface) wrapper for it to reach the logic of this dll from Java side. The final step of this idea was to implement the voice recognition module to control the circuit. To work with the sound API I have chosen the Sphinx library which is written in Java and is good enough compared to the Microsoft SAPI stuff. There's a captured video with the final product:

All the API which were written during this implementation are available too: