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Good Morning,


We are glad to inform you that ODevC Yatra (Formally known as OTN Yathra) is scheduled now first time in Ahmedabad Location.


About ODevC Yatra,
The Oracle ACE /ACE Directors/Oracle Gurus/ Oracle User Group Evangelists in the region are organizing an event called ODevC Yatra (formally known as "OTN Yathra") during the month of July 2018. This Yatra/Tour is a series of seven events across seven major cities in a time period of 9 days..

More details are on web site:

Ahmedabad Event Details,

Event Agenda

Registration Link:
Date : 10-Jul-2018
Time : 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
Venue : AMA, Ahmedabad

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • DBAs,
  • Developers,
  • Architects
  • Technical Consultants
  • Middleware Administrators
  • Data Scientists

Key speakers

  • Connor McDonald - Oracle Corporation – (AskTOM, Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL Database Tools)
  • Sandesh Rao - Oracle Corporation – (Vice President of RAC Assurance Database RAC)
  • Gurmeet Goindi - Oracle Corporation – (Master Product Manager Exadata)
  • Kamran Aghayev - Azercell Telecom – Oracle ACE Director
  • Lucas Jeliema - AMIS – Oracle ACE Director
  • Bjorn Rost - Pythian – Oracle Master
  • Basheer Khan - Knex Technology – Oracle Guru

Benefits/Reason to attend ODevC Yatra

  • Be part of ODevC Yatra 2018 Your one stop shop for knowledge on Oracle where you can learn from the experts from around the globe
  • Build your network A not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet in-person with your Oracle experts from across continents community with countless networking opportunities, you'll get to share thoughts and hear success stories all in person
  • Carry back the knowledge Return from this conference with a confidence of knowledge gain that you can apply right back at your work. With the knowledge you gain you can retrain your colleagues and showcase the best you can do with Oracle.
  • Share the Knowledge Meet the fellow Oracle folks and share your knowledge in various discussions in a session or over a coffee in the hallway. There is no restriction on where you talk about what you know or what you want to learn.
  • Be the first to know See the first look of new features in Oracle. This helps you with the knowledge to leverage the new features right away out of the conference
  • Learn Best Practices Learn how to make the best of Oracle. To expand your knowledge and get the answers you need all in just in one day

AIOUG Gujarat Team


Increasing Database Performance in the Cloud

Agenda & Registration -


RWP page -


Dear All,


We have planned AIOUG Gujarat Meetup on 17-Mar-2018.

It's Full Day Event. Event Theme:- Oracle Database 12c Deep Dive*


*Key Speakers,

Ilmar Kerm : President of Estonia Oracle User Group

Aman Sharma: Vice-President of AIOUG*


AIOUG GUJRAT - MARCH 2018 - Oracle Database 12c Deep Dive Tech Day


Registration is mandatory for this tech day event.

You can check sessions details in below url.




Dear All,

We have planned AIOUG Ahmedabad Meetup on 10-Feb-2018.
It's Half Day Performance Tuning Meetup.

This is FREE event...but...registration is MANDATORY...

Following is the registration link.…/aioug-gujarat-meetup-10022018

We have very limited seats so kindly register ASAP.



Oracle 18c Database

Posted by CloudDB Oct 17, 2017

AIOUG Gujarat Chapter

Posted by CloudDB May 16, 2017

Hello Friends,

We are starting AIOUG Gujarat Chapter officially very soon.
AIOUG (All India Oracle User Group) provides Oracle technology and database professionals to enhance their productivity.

AIOUG is composed of Oracle professionals committed to helping fellow IT professionals develop to their business challenges.

Join our WhatsApp group with below link.

Note: This group is only intended for Oracle events, updates, Queries, requirements and Meetup updates.
No Forwarded message please...

Please share this message to your friends and colleagues who is interested in this.






Posted by CloudDB Apr 15, 2017

Moving from Oracle11g to Oracle12c

Database Version: 12c

Type of Training: Classroom Training

Days: 1

Date: 26th Dec 2016

Trainer: Hitesh Gondalia CloudDB



Join our FREE Webinar and discover the latest features for Oracle Database 12c Release 2.

Dec 22. Register now >

FREE Webinar Event - IOUG's 12 Months of Database 12c


Oracle Database 12c R2 Expert Panel December 6, 2016,  12:00pm - 1:00pm Central