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I simply hate that "mvn eclipse:eclipse" does not generate project  files  for Maven projects that have POM packaging. Yes I know that I can  simply create a Default Eclipse project on the folder but why do I have  to do this action many time when the target is to avoid to repeat task?
So  I hacked into and "fixed" it. That was simple. What is not is to  understand reason behind the choice and provide a better alternative.  Let's dig into it

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In this two part article, I will explain how to configure a web application built with Maven to support "branding", or skinning. That is, support different distribution skinned with particular images, logo, background, text. In the end we just want to keep separated the static contents and choose the right set when we package our application so that the result is a war with just the content for a single company. I call this a branded distribution using brand as a similar work for skinning. Brand looks more enterprise and general than skinning, anyway :)<p /> In the second part of the article I will also cover the Wicket side of the story. The Maven side works by himself, anyway.

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I know that many of the ones who just happen to read this already know every single news that I am going to talk about but... I want to tell these anyway, like talking in a pub about something everyone knows. Is not that strange and I'll be briefly, just the fact.

In the last cople of days I have seen the release of Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 with a lot of new features. Then the new build of java 6uN with the mythological java kernel to try. Then again, the swing scenegraph now has a demo project full of interesting demo applications. Scenegraph is fantastic, I am going to write something about it in the next days. Then again, Sun is going to acquire MySQL. Well this is just "industry news" but anyway, something important. Something else? Yahoo to adopt OpenID? The ultra-thin-beautiful and unuseful MacBook Air? Is Dirk-Willem van Gulik leaving Joost a good or a bad news for the project?

I think I have to turn down the browser and keep coding for the next days :)

Before I left you, I give you this tip I just discovered. This is to turn ugly Ubuntu Gutsy font in something that really resemble OSX fonts:

From ubuntu forums: If you're using Gutsy, go to System > Preferences > Appearance. Then click on the "Fonts" tab. Then click "Details". Under "Hinting", click "none"

Have a nice day.
A long time ago it all started, for me, developing a music collection manager that I called mCube and the final results of the work could be found on sourceforge I stopped working on it at the end of 2005, then I had to finish degree, to begin to work and so on... In december 2005 I also wrote a blog post to thanks the community, expecially one, cause without their work, mCube could have not become real, but it is too nostalgic to link it here now.

Back in action, early this year I restarted working on mCube codebase that was very modular so I can easily isolate some libraries and clean them up. Recently I am working on an application that has to manage art pictures. So I used mCube foundation code along with some new technologies (content repository instead of serialization... for most) and consolidating old ones (all my swing and basic stuff code).

In 2005 I used a demo code from Romain Guy to show a CD Shelf. It was most exciting that time, no one had something similar. Right now, even iTunes has it. Anyway, I always wanted to  try the new stuff that I saw in aerith. The good news is that aerith has well written code, so I can very easily reuse it in my application.


Now, the results is still raw, but it is not a demo. This is a complete app that can scan folders and found contents and show result in views for Authors or show pictures in the slideshow component. It also has working quick search and crud features and so on. By the way, mCube was much more sophisticated but not all the features has already been imported here. My intention was to recreate a more solid content management swing based application and then to relaunch mCube and port all music specific plugins that I wrote.

My will is to release also the code in the next future, just a matter of (busy) time. 

Thanks for reading and a "hello" to all community members. this is my first post here, hope more will follow. Greetings to everyone.

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