Slowly, slowly, step by step...we have to be getting closer to the actual release date of Java SE 6. You know it's just right around the corner...sometime soon. So, when I got a new Mac OS X laptop a couple months ago, I didn't want to be without my favorite development platform. I immediately went up to the Apple developer site, created an account, and downloaded the latest Java SE 6.

I was thrilled to see that they had build 88. At the time, that was just a couple builds behind the Solaris, Linux, and Windows builds available from the Java SE 6 Project page. I was pleased that Apple was staying up-to-date, not delaying like they did with earlier releases. I felt confident that I could count on the latest Java (or something really close) being available from Apple.

All that confidence is starting to wane just a little now though. I'm not giving up hope really, just getting nervous. The latest build # from Sun is 104...from Apple, it's 88. I keep checking to see if anything new gets posted. Nothing. Not even a note or explanation. I don't want to complain, and I'm not really...just describing my experience at this point.

Anyone know what's up over there at Apple? Someone want to let everyone else in on their plans to release Java SE 6? Or maybe just their plans to keep up with everyone else?