The Sun Developer Network has a few newsletters that you can subscribe to. One of the newsletters is Core Java Technologies Tech Tips. I still can't see that title without smiling. I'm always amused that Sun's proper use of the word "Java" must always have an approved noun after it: Java language, Java platform, Java technologies. It doesn't matter that Java Technologies Tech Tips sounds redundant; that's just the way it must be. But hey, I'm getting way off track, and the naming oddity is not what I want you to remember about this blog.

I want you to remember this: the Core Java Technologies Tech Tips are now available in blog format. Nearly 300,000 subscribers receive the email version of the tips each month, but now you can get them via blog and their Atom feed. This is a really popular product, providing tips and hints for using the Java platform's core APIs. You're going to like it, really like it.

If you've been getting the email tips, don't worry. Those aren't going away immediately. If you've never heard of the tips, you've been missing a treat. Have a look, make a comment...just make sure you check it out.