We are proud to announce the release of Leonardo Sketch 1.0.  Leo is a open source cross platform vector drawing tool built for designers and programmers. With Leo you can draw, diagram, and create presentations; then export your final work to a variety of formats including PNG, SVG, PDF, Java2D code, and JavaScript Canvas code; as well as sharing your work in progress with Twitter and Flickr.

Leonardo Sketch is distributed under the BSD license and can be downloaded from LeonardoSketch.org.

New features for the 1.0 release include:

  • redesigned rotate and scale tool
  • fill shapes with complex gradients and patterns
  • direct manipulation for almost everything
  • export to editable JavaScript using the open source Amino graphics library.



Now you might, ask, why am I posting about a drawing tool here on Java.net?  Because Leonardo Sketch is 100% Java! End users will never know it, of course, because I created native exes with AppBundler, but it's all Java underneath  That makes it very easy to hack on, and ensure it runs everywhere.

The other reason I'm posting it here is because Leo can export graphics code as well as graphics files. Currently it will generate HTML, HTML + Canvas (JavaScript), and Java2D.  I'd like to support other formats going forward, such as FXML, but I'll need some help from you guys. The advantage of generating graphics is that you can draw rather than code up the UI, then attach logic and event handlers as desired. By using a naming convention in your graphics you can update them later without changing the code. You can even have control over the output such as prerendering expensive things (like shadows) to images automatically.  Here is a little tablet app I wrote in an hour thanks to Leonardo.


  Looking for a fun open source project to contribute to? This is the one! Not a great coder but you still want to contribute? Great! We need help filling out the language translations, drawing more symbol sets, creating more textures, and filling more bugs.  There's tons to do. Join the fun!