This a fun story rather than a deep technical discussion of some performance issue, measure or tool. My memory was jogged by a story ( in which Bill Atkinson reported producing -2000 lines of code on his weekly productivity report and by Kevlin Henney retweeting one of my one liners, features are the asset, code is a liability. Needless to say management wasn't impressed by having Bill report that he produced -2000 lines of code. Coders main purpose is to code and if they are producing code you should be able to count how many lines of code they've produced and consequently measure productivity. The key point is that in the process of eliminating code Bill was making the software better and faster. His story reminded me of a situation that I was in 1996. I sat down to have lunch with my supervisor and he hit me with the question, how would you measure reuse. I jokingly answered with 3 questions; what number do you need, who