Not a lot of you may be aware of this, but i'm a community lead in the Web Services & XML community right here on Mainly i'm responsible for updating the main page with the relevant news / weblogs / technical articles, but i also have a JAXB Workshop project that provides a collection of JAXB 2.0 related tools. This project has been largely dormant during the past year except the Eclipse and IDEA plugins. The Eclipse plugin provides a wizard for selecting the input schema, location for the generated files and the package name. After all the parameters have been selected, it invokes the XJC generator and that's pretty much it.

One of the things that have been missing from this wizard - an option to cancel it in the middle, which is quite a common feature for Eclipse wizards. I've filed the relevant issue on the JAXB tracker about six months ago, and once Kohsuke announced the beginning of version 2.1, all i needed was to give him a little push (read the comments on the linked entry). After taking the daily build and making changes to 4 (!!!) lines of code in the Eclipse plugin, now it's cancellable! Thanks to Kohsuke for adding this feature in JAXB 2.1 and to Eclipse engineers for making plugin development in Eclipse such a pleasurable experience.

The second feature that has been added is logging to Eclipse's own console (instead of to the System.out) - this has been requested by one of the users. All i had to do is input "eclipse console" to Google and come up with this link - thanks, Jevon.

So, if you need to generate classes from your schema definition, you can either write a little script, or head over here, download the Eclipse plugin 1.1, unzip it under Eclipse 3.1.0+ installation and follow the instructions in the tutorial.