The Maven2 repository was set up about 2.5 years ago so that people hosting projects on can push artifacts to a Maven repository.

This repository has grown in size to the point that it puts significant strain on the system. So to improve the situation, we are moving the location of the repository from more 'www' in the path.)

For those of you who publishes bits to this repository, you should change your POM to:


I updated the permissions on the maven2-repository project so that attempts to deploy to old locations will fail.

For those of you who downloads artifacts from this repository, be sure that you point to, which we've been advertizing for quite some time now. As long as you do that, you shouldn't experience any problems (modulo possible glitches in the next several days as we tweak our infrastructure.)

See here for more information about maven2 repository on, which shows how to access this repository, and here for more information about wagon-svn, which shows how to deploy artifacts to this repository.

My apologies for having to do this in anger without careful coordination and planning. But we all need to keep faster and responsive, and I'm doing my part to achieve that.