I am pleased to announce the release of SwingX 1.6.5. The new release is available in Maven central. 

As always, you may report bugs or request new feature via JIRA. You may also contact us in the discussion forum.

Release Notes - SwingX - Version 1.6.5


  • [SWINGX-1336] - Flickering in JXPanel with alpha < 1
  • [SWINGX-1449] - JXButton doesn't update font if background is modified
  • [SWINGX-1470] - AutoCompleteDecorator fails to undecorate
  • [SWINGX-1476] - PromptSupport is not being rendered correctly in Linux
  • [SWINGX-1478] - PinstripePainter - incorrect intersection of the graphics clip area
  • [SWINGX-1495] - JXList: baseline support broken
  • [SWINGX-1501] - SwingX QuickStart Demo fails on OS X
  • [SWINGX-1503] - RFE: Play nicely with Netbeans GUI Editor
  • [SWINGX-1513] - JRendererCheckBox: setting opacity to false has no effect
  • [SWINGX-1514] - Regression - WrappingProvider/Panel: background on icon even if not highlighted
  • [SWINGX-1515] - JXPanel: painting artefacts in overlapping frames
  • [SWINGX-1516] - JXPanel: support _not painting_ background on alpha
  • [SWINGX-1517] - JXPanel - background color depends on opaqueness prior to setting
  • [SWINGX-1518] - JXPanel: umbrella issue for paint problems
  • [SWINGX-1520] - row count returns cached value
  • [SWINGX-1521] - JTable, BooleanEditor: inconsistent background color
  • [SWINGX-1523] - MultiSplitLayout.getNodeForName does not return correct value if root node is a leaf
  • [SWINGX-1525] - JXTreeTable: BorderHighlighter fills tree column completely
  • [SWINGX-1527] - JXTreeTable tooltips not shown after expand/collapse tree
  • [SWINGX-1528] - JXTable does not allow negative float values to be entered
  • [SWINGX-1529] - IndexOutOfBoundsException when deleting last rows in a JXTreeTable
  • [SWINGX-1533] - JXLoginPane contains spelling errors for Spanish messages
  • [SWINGX-1534] - Weird behaviour of existing applications
  • [SWINGX-1536] - ListSortUI calling method with wrong argument


  • [SWINGX-1435] - JXTitledPane, JXCollapsiblePane and JXTaskPane opacity issues

New Feature

  • [SWINGX-1485] - Add tree/Node traversal utilities
  • [SWINGX-1505] - RFE: WrapLayout (FlowLayout with correct reporting of preferredSize


  • [SWINGX-1188] - JXTreeTable, JXTable background
  • [SWINGX-1535] - JXTable: hack around core issue in GenericEditor