Our team of Java developers consists of people with various backgrounds and skill levels. Everyone has a role and is assigned tasks based on that role. Team members are expected to know basic programming concepts, core Java and core J2EE. In addition; database access, web-browser, client/server concepts are required as well. It didn't take long for our team to realize there was a lot more to know about developing with Java/J2EE. Java technology is so diverse, in its offerings, that one person cannot be interested or know everything about it. So we wondered, "Who is going to deal with this Java knowledge gap?" The answer, Subject Matter Experts. Our Subject Matter Experts are those individuals who have taken on those "knowledge gaps". This kind of a Subject Matter Expert isn't always the most experienced Java/J2EE developer. For example, we have Subject Matter Experts in the following areas: 1) HTML and web-browser control 2) unit testing tools 3) source code control 4) deployment and configuration scripting 5) IDE installation and upgrades 6) Java specifications and vendor announcements 7) open source options 8) web services setup 9) messaging services 10) performance measuring tools 11) server environment layout In each case, one or more individuals has gained theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in a particular area. This is the person the rest of us go to for answers about and guidance in a particular subject area. The diversity of Java has always been one of its many strengths. Our Subject Matter Experts allow us to leverage a broad spectrum of what Java has to offer. Every software development team should have these kind of Subject Matter Experts. What started out as someone performing "extra duties", became a permanent role for the team. Our Java Subject Matter Experts have been key contributors to the creation of our Java/J2EE applications. Having them around, enables our team to be very self-sufficient. A key ingredient to our success. And the real good news is --- there is always room for another Java Subject Matter Expert. Bring it on Java!