The jQuery Mobile framework allows us to develop high quality cross platform web applications. It can be either a pure web application or an hybrid one. Using this framework is today ultimate option for targeting all mobile platforms using the same code.

I have recently completed to develop a detailed course for learning this framework. You can find the professional version at The community version is available for free personal and academic usage at

In order to assist whoever chooses to learn this framework I have also created a dedicated youtube playlistthat includes the video clips I prepare about it. The following are selected fundamental video clips from that list. 
























Based on my experience with Java ME, Android, Blackberry and iPhone during the last ten years I strongly believe in the effectiveness of developing hybrid applications for mobile telephones using this framework as an alternative for native ones. Using this framework while developing an hybrid application is an effective solution for the defragmentation problem in the mobile world. The native applications will continue to exist in a smaller number of cases.