Using SQL Developer, you could copy schema from Oracle DB to Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) hosted in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)



(1) A schema called XYZ in the source DB

(2) ADB which is created on OCI

(3) ADB Wallet is already downloaded zip file



(1) In SQL Developer, create a connection to ADB using downloaded zip of Wallet.

(2) Using Oracle SQL Developer, create a user called XYZ (case-sensitive) and give it the following settings checked:


- Unlimited quota on tablespace DATA

- DATA is the tablespace

- TEMP is the temporary space

(3) In SQL Developers goto Tools --> Database Copy

(4) Select schema copy

(5) Select XYZ and chec

(6) Complete the remaining wizard steps

(7) Relax and wait for this long process to complete based on the size of your source DB

(8) Enjoy!