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While Adobe is well known for putting out plugins that have backdoor issues, and that there are enormous number of PDFs that are read every day, many times entirely by accident when opening an email, FireFox did not give the Adobe Acrobat plug-in the red-flag of no confidence like FireFox did with Java. The latest issue and fix to be released by Adobe: http://www.zdnet.com/safe-pdfs-are-almost-here-adobe-to-release-reader-acrobat-zero-day-patch-this-week-7000011437/ Why is FireFox not protecting users against Acrobat vulnerabilities like FireFox did with Java?

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Posted by malcolmdavis Feb 4, 2013
My daughter is in her third year at "Alabama School of Fine Arts" for visual arts. I asked her 'what is the most important practice that has helped her art?' She responded, what helps her most is the weekly critique session done by the class. I asked what are the rules for critique, she responded that there is just 1 rule, be respectful. The more we are open to criticism, and provide input in a polite manner, the better we become. One of the downsides to working from home is the lack of reviews. :-)

I awoke to my mobile ringing.  Our support staff was having issues. (The beauty of the web is everybody around the world can use your application, the ugly part of the web is everybody is using your application 24x7.)

Pages are broken and things are not displaying.

I GTM(gotomeeting) with the support staff to see the issues first hand.

Things are working for me, but not support.  Pages are working for some customers and not others.

  • I clear my browser cache.
  • I tried again.
  • Things are now broken for me.

Things were working yesterday.
No changes were posted recently.
The only thing that is dynamically linked in is Java's deployJava.js from https://www.java.com/js/deployJava.js

I did some testing and sure enough deployJava.js was the problem.

  • I found a local copy on my machine,
  • I posted the local copy to production,
  • I changed all pages referencing https://www.java.com/js/deployJava.js to the newly uploaded production copy.
  • Everything is now working.

What a morning.

Lesson learned: Don't reference deployJava.js directly from the Java.com site.

Now the bigger issue:
Could others that directly reference deployJava.js from Java.com still hurt us?
How many of our third parties sites and services are dependent on deployJava.js from java.com?

Amazing that a simple link can cause so many problems.

Ditching the Blackberry?

Among other technology use directions, Allan E. Alter recommends ditching the Blackberry.

Mr. Alter is a little behind the times.  I made the Blackberry recommendation 3 years ago in a blog called: Planning: Managers need to sell their trucks.

The problem is not the tools (Blackberry), but the misuse of the tool in an everyday work environment.  If the proper constraints and process can be applied, then the tool is great.  However, when everything starts to look like a nail, then the hammer loses its value and can cause damage.  Managers have slowly replaced planning with IM, to the detriment to all involved.

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