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Getting closer to FISL (Free Software International Forum), the OpenSolaris User Group from Porto Alegre, OSUG POA put together a small event at UNISINOS, one of the best known Universities in Sao Leopoldo (aprox. 30 min from Porto Alegre).

This is a private University and some of students work during the day and attend classes during the evening. The professors offer Operating System and having a presence of OpenSolaris UserGroup can contribuite with their experience and knowledge. 

We had talks given by Brian Leonard about "Developing Beyond the Localhost" and showing different techniques to debug an application using OpenSolaris unique features. The other talk was given by Tirthankar Das, Sun's Senior Engineer from India and one the leading authorities in Cluster capabilities.

This little effort was thanks to the volunteer work of Ronaldo Prass, a guy who spreads his passion about OpenSolaris in his University. Good work Ronaldo and we would thank UNISINOS for gently offer their facility. We're looking forward to OpenSolaris Tour 2001.

UNISINOS's Professors welcoming Sun's speakers. We're definitely looking forward for future efforts with UNISINOS to spread OpenSolaris.

The opening of Open Solaris Tour at UNISINOS, given by one of his main Professors.

Vitorio Sassi, one of OSUG POA Leaders talking about the group.

The information during each talk is taken seriously and it can be used for further classes.

Left side: Ronaldo Prass, the guy who make all possible for OpenSolaris Tour, Day 2. Again, Thanks Ronaldo for a exceptional work.

Brian Leonard given his talk about OpenSolaris unique capabilities such as Zones, ZFS, DTrace and using different VirtualBox's images to debug a Java Web application under OpenSolaris host.

The weather was getting cold and we're concern about timing for the shuttles. Nevertheless, nobody bother leaving and we had great questions.

From September 10th till September 30th, Brazil will host several Java Conferences in 14 different cities, giving the comunity hours of deep technical content with the best Brazilians names in the comunity and some international guests as well. If you're anywhere near, those are the places that you will find events and the dates.
This is a calendar of events during the "Month of Java", including Brazil's national Java Conference: JustJava'2008.


And not forgot to mention, we are going to end up the month with Sun Tech Days
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