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Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world.

A few days before FISL, SOUJava (Brazil's largest User Group) and RSJUG is putting together another edition of Javali: Open Source Java Technologies event. The Brazilian Java Developer community is one of the most organized in the World and Javali has being a tradition among the community. Most of the talks focus are around what the community are doing with open source in a daily life.

This year, we had the privilege in having some great names from the Java Community such as my good friend Arun Gupta, giving a talk about GlassFish(One of the fastest Application Server around), Roger Brinkley brought his wonderful toys and showed us some cool projects in the Mobile&Embedded Community; Vinicius Senger (one of the few Brazilians speaking at JavaOne), gave a wonderful talk about comparing diferent Architectures

SERPRO, one of the most serious Brazilian IT companies and in charge of developing Java applications for the Brazilian Government (such as Duke Award's Tax System), provided the infrastructure for Javali this year. Using SERPRO broadcasting system, Javali was broadcast to all branches in the entire country, reaching more than 300 people in a single day.

This are some pictures of what you've missed. But don't worry,SOUJava and RSJUG is planning a even greater event next year.

Roger Brinkley, Leader of the Mobile&Embedded Community talking about the cool projects in the community

Roger Brinkleyshowing the Track Bots, a cool Robots based on SunSPOTs.

Vinicius Senger, one of the few Brazilians who gave a talk atJavaOne, was presenting a very insight comparison about different Java Architectures

This is me, presenting each Speaker. I had to talk in the mic, so other branches of SERPROcould hear me over the Broadcast system.

Fabiane Nardon, the Java Tools Community Leader and Leader of SOUJava, gave a wonderful talk about Hudson

Bruno Souza is the leader of SOUJava and talks about the importance of Open Source for the Brazilian Government

Arun Gupta, talking about the new features of GlassFish, one of the fastest Open Source's Application Server current in the market.

Myself and Bruno, we usually do the translation in a very cheap fashion. We asked people to bring an ordinary FM Radios and we start to broadcasting using a specific frequency. It's being worked so far :)
This is Bruno doing his part of translation

Brian Leonardgave a talk about "Developing beyond localhost", showing how to develop a web application for several platforms. His approach was to show several OpenSolaris's technologies such as ZFS, DTrace and VirtualBox to get the application running smoothly on Windows and Linux.

As Brian Leonard goes with his talks, he starts to presenting different technologies in order to solve a very simple (and common problem) among developers: Deploying a application in diferent platforms.

Vinicius Senger has 2 great passions: Cook and Code. I still double what he likes the most and let's face: Isn't code and cooking pretty much alike ?

Javali started at 9.00am and it goes all day long. Nevertheless, you don't see anyone leaving the room.

Marcelo Carius is also a SOUJava Leader and he has giving a good talk about Corporate Environments using Java.

This is my turn of doing the translation. Pretty tuff job, but I have to be honest: it does a BIG difference by the end of the day.


Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world.

In a meantime, OpenSolaris User Group (aka OSUG) from Porto Alegre, is putting together a OpenSolaris Tour around the great metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, not 1 but 2 great events hosts in 2 different cities: Santa Cruz do Sul and Sao Leopoldo

Tirthankar Dasdid some incredible pictures when he was there and I encourage you to check some of those. (I have to admit, his pictures is WAY much better than mines). Thank you so much Tirthankar.

Diogo B


Getting closer to FISL (Free Software International Forum), the OpenSolaris User Group from Porto Alegre, OSUG POA put together a small event atUNISINOS, one of the best known Universities in Sao Leopoldo (aprox. 30 min from Porto Alegre).

This is a private University and some of students work during the day and attend classes during the evening. The professors offer Operating System and having a presence of OpenSolaris UserGroup can contribuite with their experience and knowledge.

We had talks given by Brian Leonard about "Developing Beyond the Localhost" and showing different techniques to debug an application using OpenSolaris unique features. The other talk was given by Tirthankar Das, Sun's Senior Engineer from India and one the leading authorities in Cluster capabilities.

This little effort was thanks to the volunteer work of Ronaldo Prass, a guy who spreads his passion about OpenSolaris in his University. Good work Ronaldo and we would thank UNISINOS for gently offer their facility. We're looking forward to OpenSolaris Tour 2001.

UNISINOS's Professors welcoming Sun's speakers. We're definitely looking forward for future efforts with UNISINOS to spread OpenSolaris.

The opening of Open Solaris Tour at UNISINOS, given by one of his main Professors.

Vitorio Sassi, one of OSUG POA Leaders talking about the group.

The information during each talk is taken seriously and it can be used for further classes.

Left side: Ronaldo Prass, the guy who make all possible for OpenSolaris Tour, Day 2. Again, Thanks Ronaldo for a exceptional work.

Brian Leonard given his talk about OpenSolaris unique capabilities such as Zones, ZFS, DTrace and using different VirtualBox's images to debug a Java Web application under OpenSolaris host.

The weather was getting cold and we're concern about timing for the shuttles. Nevertheless, nobody bother leaving and we had great questions.


On June 20th, GoJava and Goias Free Roboticsput together an International event for the whole Latin American Mobile and Embedded Community: The M3DD/LA (Java Mobile, Media & eMbedded Developer Days - Latin American Edition)

When the organization for this event started, everyone had a feeling that it would be a big hit. After the website was published, they started to keep track using Google Analytics, a twitter and other means to promote this event. Twitter was a major surprise because we had 300 people following in less than 5 days. Registration opened after 1 month and we had 400 registrations in the first day. The organization had to shutdown the registration because we reach the maximum number of people that the venue could support it. It was just incredible

The event had 4 tracks with 24 talks about the most current technologies in the mobile space: SunSPOT, LWUIT, Mobile Gaming, Robotics, Blu-Ray, JavaCard andJavaFX Mobile. Most of the Brazilian celebrities went there, talking and exposing their experience in the field. Goiania got such attention from the local community, that GoJava has got sponsorship from Companies that never had sponsor any Developer event before and support from the local Government.

SENAC is one of top Universities in Goiania and host this event, offering a great infrastructure and having support from their Director. Professor Murillo leadership from the venue perspective and made this event possible. We great appreciate his effort, which without him, it wouldn't be possible. Thanks Professor Murillo.

The much expected celebrities during M3DD/LA was those who came from the other side of the world, such as Mobile&Embedded Leader Roger Brinkley, Sun's Senior Evangelist Terrence Barr, SDK team from Czech Republic Richard Gregorand Radko Najman, who made a incredible blog about his experience in M3DD/LA and I strong recommend you have a look at it. Their contribution into this event were much appreciate and the effort to fly all the way down to South America.

Some of the Brazilian Celebrities in the mobile space were Igor Medeiros (The Brazilian JavaCard man and a awesome photographer), Antonio Marin Neto(aka Neto, author of CosMo - the mobile application with all information about an event), Robison Chris Brito (author of several Java ME videos with his popular and exciting talks about gaming), Eloi Junior (mobile developer from far north of Brazil and doing amazing things with LWUIT), Alexandre Gomes( blogger and Mobile&Embedded star, His talk is always well attended and very funny) and Magno Calvalcante is Rio de Janeiro's JUG Leader and presented his JavaOne's talk about the Brazilian Digital TV System.

If you had a chance to attendee this event in person, you were the lucky one. If not, I am sharing some of the pictures we had there and I encourage you to attend M3DD/LA in 2010 in Goiania. Congratulations to GoJava andGoias Free Roboticsfor an outstanding international event.

The organization were working 100% for final preparation. The M3DD/LA would be in the next day and there were lot of excitement.

GoJava did a terrific job with all promotion material, offering a first class content to all attendees.

At 8.30am there were several people lining up and getting their crendencials

M3DD/LA brought not only Academic Students looking Mobile&Embedded Technologies, but also companies already in the Market developing serious technologies.

9.00am and Raphael Adrien (GoJava JUG Leader) and Leonardo Miranda (Goias Free Robotics Leader) announce the opening of M3DD/LA with a day full of M&E content: 24 talks


Roger Brinkley presenting Bug Labs, a Linux Device using OSGi software architecture in the embedded world.

TrackBot, a Robot developed using SunSPOT with a couple sensors. When the user gets closer, the TrackBot runs away.

During Roger's Keynote, the auditorium was completed full and there were several people standing up looking at each demo.

Roger is attaching a SunSPOT in his Golf club. What is going to do next ? Very simple: Show his passion !!!

One of the obstacles to get SunSPOT in Brazil was the approval by the Brazilian authorities. Currently, this approval was given to Sun (which it was the first step)

Terrence Barr giving his talk about LWUIT. Brazil has a huge interest in this technology, specially because it's going to be use in the newest Brazilian Digital TV system.

One of the greatest benefits from LWUIT, it's the capability of providing a cross user interface among several mobile devices.

As the auditorium goes with some other talks, there were 4 tracks with Mobile&Embedded specialists from all Latin America.

David Marques represents CESAR, a high advanced R&D facility in Northeast of Brazil, developing several software mobile technologies.

Radko Najman is one of the master minds behinds the awesome mobile technologies in Java. He gave a great talk about developing mobile applications more efficiently

"TESTING !!!" one of the hardest part in the mobile development. Richard Gregor show how Sun is building the next generation of testing software.

One of the funniest moment in M3DD/LA: Alexandre Gomes is complaining about never got a chance with playing with a SunSPOT. All the sudden, Roger Brinkleygave him a brand new one, so he "WON'T WEEP ANYMORE".
Congratulations Alexandre.

From September 10th till September 30th, Brazil will host several Java Conferences in 14 different cities, giving the comunity hours of deep technical content with the best Brazilians names in the comunity and some international guests as well. If you're anywhere near, those are the places that you will find events and the dates.
This is a calendar of events during the "Month of Java", including Brazil's national Java Conference: JustJava'2008.


And not forgot to mention, we are going to end up the month withSun Tech Days

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