Its been just over two years since the last version of WADL was published and, in the intervening time, a number of issues have accumulated. I've held off making regular updates for reasons of stability but I think there's sufficient backlog now to require a new version. First drafts of the updated specification and schemas are available at:

Changes since the November 2006 Publication:

  • The XML namespace name was changed to
  • Resolved issue 13. The status attribute was moved from the representation element to the response element. The cardinality of the response element was changed from 0–1 to 0–many. The fault element was removed.
  • Resolved issue 17. Allow parameters at top level and parameter references to prevent repetition when a parameter is used in multiple places.
  • Resolved issue 18. A resource type element may now contain resource child elements.
  • Resolved issue 20. Allow multiple resources elements within an application.
  • Updated the Atompub example to RFC syntax.

Unfortunately the changes required by issue 13are not backwards compatible hence the namespace change. Existing WADL docs will require minor edits as a result.

All feedback on the new draft is welcome. Now would be a good time to file bug reports or request enhancements.