Swing is not dead, still. While a whole lot of evangelists try to talk it dead, it is still part of the JRE. While SWT is not, still. And while JavaFX is not, still. Dispite all hypes and rumors. It is not even declared to be deprecated or obsolete. So in fact, there is no other real alternative to Swing as long as the GUI must work solely with JRE means (I won't say AWT is an alternative). And as long as that is the case, I (and lots of others) will stick with Swing. At least until JavaFX is completely open sourced and part of the official JRE specification. So if you're one of those "few" people (like me) that "still" work with Swing, you're propably also a user of JGoodies. Karsten Lentzsch's excellent open source libraries (developed here on java.net!) extend Swing by validation, beans binding, and other great features (things supposed to be part of Swing for years, but still not done in the JRE. Shame on you, Swing team!). I do not know the reason, but several years ago it was stopped to publish the JGoodies libraries in Maven Central, so it was a rather pain to always find, download and link against the latest release. So I asked Karsten to push into Maven Central again, but he phoned me and said he fears the stress of dealing with GPG and Maven (what I can really understand, as GPG and particularly its integration into Maven and the upload of certificates is really a pain). Ok, so I agreed to sign and upload in his name, as for me it makes no difference whether I upload it into my own Nexus instance or into Sonatype's open source instance. So here it is: Today I uploaded the current release of the libraries into The Central Repository. You can find all of the libraries (and for the first time, JGoodies Common!) when searching for the group ID "com.jgoodies". As long as I am using Swing, be assured that I will always continue with signing and uploading (unless Karsten won't do on his own). Promised! --- A complete history of all my publications can be found on my web site Head Crashing Informatics.