I hate adding lots of huge multi-JAR all-purpose common libraries to rather small projects! Huge footprint just for a single class is a side effect of many popular frameworks, unfortunately, due to rather coarse-grained modularity. So I started to publish some of my commons (LPGL'ed) code as single-class self-contained artifacts on The Maven Central Repository. You simple need aRange<T> class (as the JRE still doesn't contain one and Apache's is numeric-only)? No problem. Here it comes:<dependency> <groupId>eu.headcrashing.treasure-chest</groupId> <artifactId>RangeClass</artifactId> <version>[1.2.2, 2)</version> </dependency> Have fun with it, and stay tuned for more of my Maven Central uploads... Next to come is JGoodies (yes, Swing is still not dead!). Regards Markus 
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