Some time ago, I had the impression that everywhere I stepped in the endless Java universe, I came across rather outdated technology. Things that were hyped years back, but for some reason had been left behind by mankind in the course of time. Disenchantedly roaming that programming desert I almost went depressive looking at all the rusty wrecks of former featured APIs laying around all along. The end of Java seemed to be pretty near. But things have changed. The gods of programming remembered that there is live besides iOS and PHP, having a still bravely beating JRE at its heart. They pumped up the old lungs again with a fresh breath of Java. A breath smelling like Androids, Raspberry Pies, and work stealing lambda expressions. And they inspired the remaining followers by sharing a vision of HTML5 and JavaScript hauled by rhinos with German names. So in the end, the augurs of the apocalypse apparently failed once more. At least until the Oracle's next dark foreboding.  (Video by courtesy of inviticon / All rights reserved.) 
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