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Here another short tech tip

Another issue I encountered is not yet identified at MOS, not in the context I encountered it. The error was written to the logs every minute:

<Error> <oracle.wsm.resources.policymanager> <WSM-02084> <Access denied. Permission "" is required to access the wsm policy manager "UsageTracker" method "recordUsage".>


The only MOS reports on this was partially applicable for my situation: Bug 23279489 : WSM-02084 ERROR WHILE STARTING WSM/SOA SERVER IN DOMAIN PARTITION SETUP


The SOA Suite Domain was setup using a separate SOA and separate WSM Cluster, however the MOS note speaks about a created partition to be deleted... however domain partition is not yet supported for SOA 12.2.1 so that surprised me.


So here's what brought me the solution.

  1. Login to Fusion Middleware Control, expand the hamburger menu and right click on the domain, select Security and the Application Policies
  2. Select the ws-pm application stripe and edit the policy for policy.Acessor

4. Click on Add and search for the resource UsageTracker and method record Usage, click continue

5. Grant Invoke and All permission

6. After done click ok and restart your domain.


Afterwards, the errors in the AdminServer and OWSM managed server logs are dissapeared.

Just a small blogpost about an issue I encountered while setting up during the rollout of a high available SOA Suite evironment version 12.2.1.

The domain consisted of:

- AdminServer

- 2 SOA Managed Servers in a cluster

- 2 OWSM Servers in a cluster.


While accessing the 12c Fusion Middleware Console as the WebLogic Administrator, click on the soa-infra dashboard gave me this view:



A second error that occurred was the an OWSM error in the logs, WSM-02084. I was mislead, thinking this was related. However, on MOS I found that view permission problems were identified as a bug in 12.2.1.


To overcome this issue, the following line must be  added to the JAVA_OPTIONS of the AdminServer. This can be done in the, or better option in 12c, the, which all our environments call from a cental location





So in total the string looks like

# custom settings for each Server

if [ "${SERVER_NAME}" = "AdminServer" ]


   echo "Customizing USER_MEM_ARGS for SERVER_NAME ${SERVER_NAME}"

   export USER_MEM_ARGS="-Xms1g -Xmx2g"

   export JAVA_OPTIONS="$JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.awt.headless=true -DEMAS_DISC_ADD_EXTERNAL_FARM=true"



After restarting the AdminServer, the issue was gone






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