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Since a release ago the Oracle Management Cloud supports monitoring of the Oracle SOA Suite, either on premise as on the Cloud. I've setup using my SOA Cloud instance, which I think is really awesome! I've build a lot of monitoring solutions at customers using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and the SOA Management pack, but doing it with the Management Cloud is definitely a go for me!


First of all you need to rollout the OMC Cloud and APM agent as I described in my blog If you followed that, all kinds of entities will be uploaded to OMC. Entities are in this case all kind of information about the server, the software, the runtime processes and many more.

For every entity you search you can switch on APM monitoring and Analytics. In my case I wanted to switch on the entity SOA Infrastructure. Looking at this entity a lot of attributes we're in this entity such as the SOA Composite with some familiar components:

and a lot more useful information.

However, I could not add the SOA infrastructure because I missed one step. I had to add the soa infra entity on the agent side on the SOA Cloud service environment with ht entity name omc_oracle_soainfra.

My json file then looked like this:


"entities": [{
  "name": "QSOACS01_domain",
  "type": "omc_oracle_soainfra",
  "displayName": "QSOACS01_domain",
  "credentialRefs": ["WLSCreds"],
  "timezoneRegion": "CET",
  "properties": {
  "port": {
  "displayName": "Port",
  "value": "9071"
  "protocol": {
  "displayName": "Protocol",
  "value": "t3"
  "admin_server_host": {
  "displayName": "Admin Server Host",
  "value": "qsoacs01-wls-1.compute-gse00010395.oraclecloud.internal"
  "capability": {
  "displayName": "capability",
  "value": "monitoring"

After that I could add the entity using the command:

 /u01/app/oracle/tools/paas/state/homes/oracle/omc_cloud_agent/agent_inst/bin/omcli add_entity agent omc_oracle_soainfra.json -credential_file omc_oracle_soainfra_creds.json


And now I was able to select the entity:

After that, I needed to enable monitoring for this using the Administration menu in OMC



In a follow up post I will do a more deep dive in what and how to monitor the SOA suite on premise or in the Cloud with OMC, but I'm quite certain that this is a very good solution for customers to monitor their SOA runtime production systems.