One of the services which are delivered by the Oracle Management Cloud is the monitoring of infrastructure. Now in this case, infrastructure spans from host to software platform. In this blogpost I will try to explain how you can effectively behind issues in your Oracle SOA Suite operational environment. OMC can monitor some parts specific to the SOA suite, in fact all the engines which are enclosed in a SOA Suite running envrioment. These are:

  • The BPEL engine
  • The Mediator engine
  • The Descion Service Engine or Business Rules Engine


I simulated a test which processed a lot of transactions through the payment process of my company. SOA Suite was handling this payment process through an OSB service in the frontend and an enrichment though a SOA composite which did a validation based on some rules.

The company deployed a new release and adapter to get more benefit out of it.

During tests, I suddeny received an alert from OMC that the error rate on the BPEL engine was increased. When I looked into the Performance table of my soainfra entity I found the following:

You can see the errors /min in this screenshot.

Click on the SOA Composite field I could detect which composite was causing the error, the ValidatePayment


Now I had to find why this composite was causing the error, so I jumped into the other OMC feature, log analytics. The best logs in this case to look at, are the FMW Diagnostics logs for the Oracle Diagnostics Logging Framework. So I chose to put the entity on the running SOA Server:

And the logs we're filtered for the soa specific operations. In the right field I choce FMW Diagnostics Log from the pie chart

To group the log messages, I clustered them by choosing the cluster visualize option

Then I could find out very easily there was a JCA Adapter issue, further investigation that pointed out that while doing the SOA composite deploy, some EIS JCA Adapters we're changed.


After resolving this, the issues we're gone. But it proved the power of the Oracle Management Cloud, in minimum time I discovered what was going on and could solve it!