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The JSR for the next revision of Servlet specification - Servlet 3.1 is approved and we are now in the process of forming the expert group. If you would like to contribute to the development of the next version of the servlet specification, please nominate yourself and, if possible, please explain how you plan to contribute to the specification. If you would like to track the progress of the spec, and see the folowings of the JSR, the spec will now be done using java.net infrastructure. Anyone can sign up to the users mailing list of the servlet-spec.java.net project and will be able to see the proceedings of the expert group mailing list. Please go the JCP site here and click on "I would iike to join this Expert Group". Please make sure that your JSPA is up-to-date. Feel free to provide feedback directly to me if you rather prefer that.
Jan Luehe, Greg Wilkins and I did a talk on Servlet 3.0 at JavaOne yesterday. Am attaching the slides from the talk for those that didn't make it or did make it and want a copy of the slides :).
The proposed final draft of the Servlet 3.0 specification is now available at the JCP site . In addition to the specification, also refer to Shing Wai's blog describing in detail the ordering solution for fragments and the use of security annotations.

Servlet 3.0 webinar Blog

Posted by mode Dec 10, 2008
I will be presenting 3.0 in a webinar on December 18th. For details and logistics about the webinar go to http://wikis.sun.com/display/TheAquarium/Servlet3.0. If you would like to learn about the new features in servlet 3.0 I would definitely encourage you to attend the webinar.
We now have a dedicated irc channel for the GlassFish webtier where you can chat with the engineering team members. It is on irc.freenode.net. For help on how to use irc, the clients for the various OS  click here. There is also a FAQ for freenode that you  should refer to for any questions regarding usage of freenode. It is located here. Update: Someone pointed out that I forgot to put the channel name - it is glassfish-webtier.
We now have an aggregated feed for all webtier related blogs - http://feeds.feedburner.com/GlassFish-webtier.
We now have a mailing list - webtier@glassfish.dev.java.net and forum dedicated to discuss user issues for the webtier of GlassFish. The intent is to use the mailing list and forum for discussing the webtier technologies including Servlets, JSP, JSF, JSTL, Grizzly and scripting support in GlassFish and build a community that focuses on webtier of the Java EE platform. Cross-posting from one to the other is still not working but it should be pretty soon. Please consider joining the mailing list or use the forum.

Servlet 3.0 pluggability Blog

Posted by mode May 13, 2008

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