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Mohan Basavarajappa's Blog

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It will be exicitng to work on content organising with new, updated features provided by Oracle Webcenter Content 12c, especially bringing content UI to use with ease and minimal effort.


These articles outlines some key aspects offered - These blog reveals the updates product suite has undergone, feature consolidated and deprecated items.

Deep-dive in official documentation for more details


Overall it provides benefits for all the stakeholders in the game - be it developers, system administrators, content admins and end users. Basic installation and use of WCC from developer, administration and operational viewpoints have been ease alot which leads to better productivity, operational efficiency and reduced administration effort.

  • Webcenter Content UI and Content Server can go on same domain. This reduces the burden of separate domain installation, maintenance of ContentUI domain. ADF version of Content UI in prior releases were different forcing it to go on different domain (than WCC and avoid version collision). I hope with version fusion middleware will have only one-version of ADF within it.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Telestream’s Vantage. Vantage is successor to FlipFactory which provides audio/ video transcoding support enables generation of better renditions. It’s nice to see WCC transition from supporting FlipFactory in earlier versions to support Vantage as FlipFactory is decommissioned. By supporting renditions, WCC positions itself as DAM solution
  • In-build annotation support! Prior to this release, to implement annotation’s, WCC provided an out-of-the-box integration with Oracle AutoVue. AutoVue was java swing-based thick client and the integration was costly. From an end user perspective, AutoVue UI was’t ideal interface from web users. This add-on will be beneficial feature.
  • Imaging is embedded within content server and users can take direct advantage of it. Reduces the extra set-up and administration activities involved earlier.
  • Strengthening support of cloud and hybrid-host and deployment support. This attributes to current trend and future usage of access content from anywhere, anytime and from any device



  From content author’s view, there are quite a few enhancements done which are beneficial for end user.

  • Improving adaptivity of Content UI by addition of Alta skin and making it compliant to responsive web-design. Click through to know more and gain insights
  • Annotation features have been added in Content UI. User can set permissions on annotation text their having precise control on the comments provided. As of now i am not aware of any limitations on types of document can/ cannot be annotated
  • Users get the benefit of accessing the content anywhere, anytime uninterupptedly. Supports better collaboration and control via cloud services


Some of 11g features (content-portlet suite, share point integration, IRM) are deprecated or no longer supported. There are no traces of Site Studio in 12c documentation, denoting end-of-life of that component. As strategic direction, organisations should move towards Webcenter Sites for WCM and site management to take advantage of the offerings.