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These are few nice articles and references which i've come across while learning about serverless architecture, trend what made it evolves and the patterns where it is mostly suitable. It's evolution of cloud-computing coupled with event-driven architecture style.


Needless to say that you've to refer and keep the principles outlined in https://12factor.net/ always handly in implemented these use cases


https://martinfowler.com/articles/serverless.html - it's an amazing article and points to good referencesc (source: martin fowler website)


https://developer.ibm.com/opentech/2016/09/06/what-makes-serverless-attractive/ - provides an explanation of how various current things abstracted for developer and helps in focusing on value-driven business development



Operational aspects of serverless architecture implementation




For Youtuber's



Apache OpenWhisk as servlerss cloud computing infrastructure.



Serverless Framework for building serverless architecture using AWS Lambda, Azure / Google cloud functions or IBM OpenWhisk



https://github.com/serverless/guide - open-source guide to understand about serverless architecture and how to use framework to build one to be serverless organization


For event-driven implementation reference go to http://eventuate.io/usingeventuate.html