Following the lead of TimHall, I created this post in order to say thanks to the Oracle Team who supports our community everyday. #ThanksODC


Recently joelkallman-Oracle created a poll in order to know what should be done about Team Development. The poll has not finished yet, these are the result by the moment:

But before they decide to deprecate and remove that component, I would like to share very quickly my point of view:


1.  Feedback. Is the feature that I like most. It's very cool that end users can report a bug or a comment directly from the app. In fact, it's really appreciate it when the company doesn't have a corporate management support tool.
After the end user submit their bug or comment, developers/support can check them and decided what to do about each one. They can convert it in a "To Do" or a "Feature" and submit comments and a public response.


2. Application Context, Environment and Session State. An easy way to know everything about the browser, version and session_id that end user was using by the moment which created the feedback.


3. Tracking Milestones, Features, To Dos, Bugs: I have to say that I don't use them all. I have found that Bugs and Features are very useful when you need to assign them to developers. Then you can track all their work easily, no need to ask anything!


In conclusion points 1 and 2 are a must-have feature, point 3 can be simplified.