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uCertify PrepKit Review Blog

Posted by n_varun Dec 4, 2009

Wiki to XML using Ant Blog

Posted by n_varun Jul 23, 2009
Folks, On July 1st, I started a new blog that will feature posts related to the experiments I carry out at various FOSS projects. Motto for this initiative: "You've got to experiment to figure out what works", as said by Andrew Weil. As part of this initiative, I started a new project as well.
Wiki to XML Martin Junghans and Dirk Riehle, did research on the possibility of converting WikiCreole Markup to XML format. As a result, they created an EBNF grammar and an XML interchange format (Creole 1.0).
As I was looking for ways to get started with Ant and that too, making use of Freeform projects. I could recall that I had read some research papers, on the subject of converting wiki to xml. Thus, I found a way to write an Ant task for executing the conversion. You may continue reading more about this over my other blog..
Welcome to the Javadoc Community, a resource for application developers that is enhanced by the community. You read and use the JavaDoc for your projects as in the past, but now you can also view the Javadoc in any one of a variety of languages. Additionally, you can add translations for some of the languages. Check out the cool new way of browsing javadocs.. Visit DocWeb!

Fixing bugs in RHN v1.x Blog

Posted by n_varun Jun 29, 2009
Its been a while, since I have blogged here. So, its time to take a look at one of my NetBeans Module and hence, fix some bugs! Revamped Hyperlink Navigation Last year, I had written a blog on Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance, here
Christian Frei, who is the co-organizer of Jazoon, the international conference on Java technology for software developers, architects, consultants, and IT managers, has setup a poll stating; Sign up here with your name to convince James Gosling to attend Jazoon! We will close this list by 31st May, so post this link where ever you can and ask all your friends to sign up. http://jazoon.doodle.com/g7qfpqqaw4us89at Thank you, The Jazoon Team So, what are you waiting for? Share this link on every social network you have on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Stay tuned for more updates..

GoF and Lookup API Blog

Posted by n_varun Jan 8, 2009
Happy New Year 2009 I am late on wishing you, still I have got some exciting stuff for all.. Dec 24, 2008 I began another blog series, the most interesting one I guess! As part of my university courses, where I was introduced to "Gang of Four" design patterns in recent past. I felt quite excited about them, so lets see what

Creating a Project Type Blog

Posted by n_varun Dec 20, 2008
Nov 15, 2008 I began a blog series on my learnings of NetBeans API

Ant, Hudson and Glassfish Blog

Posted by n_varun Nov 10, 2008
Hello all, Its all over the blogosphere yesterday, NetBeans Innovator Grants Results are out. I won't copy paste the whole stuff, as there already many postings in Planet NetBeans about this. So, you can check out the podcasts, announcements related to the results, here's a list for you-    
  1. Announcement
  3. Podcast featuring Jiri Kovalsky, Technical Community Manager
  5. Podcast featuring Gold Award Medalists
  7. Official Contest Website
Check out the links for detailed information. Enjoy listening to the winners, and the manager.
In the first week of September, I was called up by Angad Singh, CA Tech Lead, and he told me, that I am invited to conduct a workshop at Amity University, during their hosting of Sun CA Induction Program for 40 new CA's from North India.

NetBeans Plugin Development Workshop

Finally, the day arrived for my first ever workshop, and it got started by Angad, who introduced me to the new CA's, as a NetBeans Dream Team Member and ex- JIIT Sun Club Coordinator. There were nearly 20+ CA's in target audience. Then, I took over and asked them 2 questions-
  • Why do we create Netbeans plug-in modules?
  • Why is there Terminology confusion?
    • RCP Book- The Benefits of Modular Programming


Followed by 2 exercises, I had planned to do with them.
  • Lets go inside NetBeans IDE
  • Now, lets go a bit deeper inside NetBeans IDE
Unfortunately, they had not installed NetBeans 6.5 Beta, instead I was told, the CA's would be using NetBeans 6.0 in the labs. Anyways, the plug-in I had chosen for the workshop was flexible enough, that I could have used 5.5 release for delivering the workshop too!

Lets go inside NetBeans IDE

So, we started developing the plug-in, it took good amount of time, as it took a while for them to adapt to the NetBeans Platform, and when they did, it was a smooth sail afterwards.


After the plug-in was developed, and installed in Target Platform, they found it really amazing thing to have. Then, I told them, that whatever steps we took to develop the plug-in were existent in the IDE because of some plug-in modules.


Now, lets go a bit deeper inside NetBeans IDE

Now, to go a bit deeper, I thought of playing with XML layer. It was indeed a great idea, as they were surprised to see the power of this optional configuration file. As Geertjan once said, "Varun introduces you to the layer.xml file in NetBeans modules. He shows you how a few small tweaks can have very useful results".


Pointers are back again...

We all know, there are nothing like pointers in Java, but XML layer in NetBeans Plugin Development does use it indirectly. The .shadow files, are pointers/symbolic links to the .instance files, which in my case, were used to register Actions in System Filesystem. I explained them what System Filesystem is all about? Just a brief overview, as it was their first real experience with Plugin Development. So, I just wanted to touch every possible aspect, to get them started with development smoothly, rather than explain them FileObjects, DataObjects, etc.



Finally, the workshop got over. Really, it was an amazing experience barring minor hiccups and while preparing for the workshop, I do believe, I have developed a better understanding of concepts I just talked about. Thank you, Amity and Sun for giving me the opportunity to conduct a workshop.

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Photos by Angad Singh, CA Tech Lead
[ Open Office | PDF | Power Point ]
Few weeks back, I had blogged at my other blog, about "Getting your basics right?". I don't know how many of you would agree, however the discussion that took place for filing an RFE, which eventually got filed as Issue #142112, was a long lasting one, and if people had clarity of concepts, then it might not have extended that long. Anyways, I think you would like to comment on that. Read my blog for more details. Here's the Usecase, which was sufficient to justify the filing of a RFE.
 6 public class UserImpl implements User {
 8     public void callCheck() {
 9         callImpl();
10         new UserImpl().callImpl();
11     }
13     public void callImpl() {
14         System.out.println("Implementation Invoked...");
15     }
17     public static void main(String[] args) {
18         new UserImpl().callCheck();
20         // Dynamic Binding...
21         User anonUser = new UserImpl();
22         anonUser.callImpl();
23     }
24 }
26 interface User {
28     public void callImpl();
29 };
Clicking on callImpl() in line #22, doesn't navigate to the implemented version of callImpl(), i.e. line #13. Instead, user is navigated to line #28. So, this should not exist, hence someone filed a RFE. Thanks for your time!

Hello Everyone Blog

Posted by n_varun Aug 19, 2008
Hi, So, finally I am java.net blogger. Its really feels good to be in an environment, full of professional people with immense experience. Let me, introduce myself to you. I am a Computer Science undergraduate in final year and a open source enthusiast. I am self-motivated, quick learner, developer and writer (blogger). This led to me becoming the Campus Sun Club Coordinator, and I organized various events related to NetBeans, meant to increase the adoption of NetBeans IDE in the campus. In May '08, I was appointed as the Contribution Coordinator of the NetBeans Community Docs, to manage contributions, and help new contributors get accustomed to NetBeans Community Docs Program, comfortably. In July