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I want to give everyone an update.  Why haven't I posted in 2-3 weeks?


I am looking to show an advanced but understandable pattern I use for solving problems like medicaid recoupments, past rule corrections, past circumstance changes, real-time change analysis etc...  I want to seriously blow this small audience away. 


I do have a working project that I am trimming down to basics! 


I want to help my less than half-dozen readers demonstrate that all these "advanced" policy calculations are possible via OPA in a way that Drools, iLog, and any other 4th generation language can't possible accomplish. 


However, logic that was practically impossible before OPA is still challenging to describe within OPA.  I have to use some temporal logic to keep math simple enough, but how do I explain letting a rules engine see into the past, present, and future while simultaneously keeping either rules or circumstance static?  How do I explain in Natural Language why these problems are necessary to solve (especially past comparisons) and how I solved them with OPA?  I desperately want other people to understand my solutions.


So, don't fear.  I want to turn my prior project into a pattern that true OPA people can follow.  Turning it into a pattern is damn harder for me than recouping income tax payments with prior circumstance changes, errors in policy, and historical rule alterations.  Simplify, simplify, simplify is what I am doing just for you guys.  This is for the few of you who read this blog.  Appreciate it!!!!!


Trust me, I don't feel I succeed if you advance OPA guys don't understand how I did it.  Hopefully one more week of clarity on my demo project and I can start posting a humdinger of a pattern.


I think some of the long-time Oracle employed OPA masters that I know are going to say "o.k. Fowler, that is actually pretty cool that you demonstrated that."  I got this :-)  I can OPA with the best.



ps. I am OPA 10 certified.  I am gonna certify OPA 12 this Thursday.  I am paying for the certification out of my own pocket (my wife said it was o.k. to spend the money).  I expect very little return.  I actually like the power of OPA that much.