The Oracle Sun take-over stirred a lot of controversy about the future of the Java platform. It is no secret that Oracle’s main goal behind the merger is access to Sun’s hardware technology. This has been fueled by the ambiguity of statements made by Larry Ellison like “Java speaks for itself”.  Not much has been said in the last Oracle Open World either. Discussing these speculations is deemed to be fruitless if seen in the light of the nature of the Java platform, the way it evolves, and the way its community is organized around it. This article is based on a first-person account experience in the last Oracle conference, and on open conversation with all concerned parties from the community, Sun, and Oracle. It contrast the relationship Oracle has with their user groups to the way the Java User Group community is, and explores the issues that could rise in the integration process if the relationship between the Java User Groups and their new corporate sponsors is not well-defined.

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