While parts of the cloud IT that are still being hyped are changing rapidly, the whole segment is not past the hype yet. The cloud report [1] that Gartner published 9 months ago still holds true today. Reports of disillusioned customers of such solutions [2][3] are a clear sign that the hype might have reached its peak for most parts of cloud offerings, though. And while many articles discuss the failure of cloud providers, not so many actually look into what the failures mean for users of cloud services. Understandably, no customer that bet their business on cloud services and is then affected by failure wants to admit to wrong judgement publicly. Take, for example, the healthcare.gov failure in Oct 2013 [4], or the outage of Casablanca INT and their Big Blue One cloud service [5] where, even though it is a small cloud, the damage was estimated in the millions - for only a few days of outage [6]. And while clouds as a whole and services they offer continue to mature, their prospective customers are increasingly becoming aware of potential risks. This process, while very natural, re-shapes the cloud offerings towards a new silver bullet solution - hybrid clouds [7]. The trend towards hybrid solutions has been adopted in IT many times, whenever monolithic solutions didn