JAX-WS Maven2 plugin 1.12 is released which has some bug fixes related to configuring the wsimport/wsgen options and minor usability issue. JAX-WS maven plugin 1.12 depends on recently released JAX-WS RI 2.1.7. Along with other changes in JAX-WS RI 2.1.7, For maven users it has one important bug fix related to the dependency on the woodstox.

Just a recap on the previous 1.11 release, If you have n't noticed, In 1.11 wsimport goal default behavior is changed to not compile the generated sources. This was fixed as JAX-WS-COMMONS-25.

Fixes in 1.12 release are 
  • JAX-WS-COMMONS-36: wsgen extension option is not working with the maven plugin.
  • JAX-WS-683: Confusing Warning "Nothing to do, no WSDL found!" with wsimport goal.


You can find more about the plugin usage at jax-ws commons project. Do let us know if you see any issues with using the maven plugin.