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After Oracle announced JavaFX 2.0's return to the Mac earlier this week, I spent some time porting our previously Windows-only JavaFX application back to the Mac. It was surprisingly easy. I found a few bugs, but they turned out to be quite easy to work around. Here's what to watch out for, if you are porting...

1. The Mac API does not use stage.setVisible(true) like the new JavaFX 2.0 Windows API does, instead Mac uses the less flexible (parameterless) stage.show().
2. In the Mac APIs the builder classes are not yet moved to the new builders package, which means we had to change our imports back to statements like import javafx.scene.shape.ArcToBuilder;
3. Unlike the Windows API, the Mac API requires that you remove the leading '/' character in style sheet URLs as in scene.getStylesheets().add("styling/cool.css");
4. The default caspian style-sheet uses blue default buttons in the Mac API, whereas the latest caspian style-sheet on Windows has bright silvery buttons.

Other than that, the combination of the world's best UI framework and the world's best OS is an absolutely amazing development platform.

You can download the new beta for Mac from javafx.com/downloads

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