I've been wanting to find an HTML editor that's an Applet suitable for integrating with the "content management systems". I've used several of the javascript-only editor applet's (should it be called an "applet" when it's written in Javascript?), and while they're okay I know that Java and Swing ought to be able to do better. I was hoping to find a java HTML editor applet to be able to do a fair comparison. Enter, Kafenio.editor: a platform independent, open-source HTML-WYSIWYG-Editor. (note: it's still in beta) There's both screenshots and a demo on the web site. It looks really good. I did find a couple small issues using it on my Mac. e.g. the common issue of using CTRL-B for selecting bold rather than COMMAND-B. It's just beta software so we can expect a couple rough edges. Looks to be a good start.